Author: Stefanie Dion Jones

Moving Up at Maxfield Park Primary: Behavior Intervention Reaping Good Results

March 29, 2017

Nowadays, there are new motivators and mantras at the Maxfield Park Primary School. Throughout the day, both inside and outside of the school, students are guided by a set of core values — being safe, responsible and respectful. Beverley Gallimore-Vernon has been leading the shift in behaviour at the school since she became principal a little over one year ago, and much of her success is attributable to the school-wide positive behaviour intervention and support (SWPBIS) program that the school has been piloting under the guidance of the Ministry of Education.

Helping the Haphazard College Student

March 24, 2017

First-year college students with executive function difficulties arrive on campus and can be overwhelmed by the independence. Research shows that the ability to self-advocate is the most crucial factor in college success for students with executive function deficits, says Allison Lombardi, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut.

Khalil Griffith in Kenya with high school basketball team

From Connecticut to Kenya: Sport Management Student Inspires Positivity

March 23, 2017

Sport management graduate student Khalil Griffith traveled to Kenya this past month for the second time, having visited previously in the summer of 2016. During this most recent trip, Griffith conducted workshops to promote healthy masculinity in villages throughout Kibera, a neighborhood in the city of Nairobi, and worked to implement positive youth curriculums in communities with the organization A Call to Men. Here, he shares his experiences from both trips, and how his ventures changed not only the lives of others, but his own as well.

Commencement Schedule 2016

Neag School 2017 Commencement Weekend Schedule

March 20, 2017

Check out the schedule of events as well as all other details – including information on guest tickets, parking, live streaming, and more – for the Neag School’s 2017 Commencement Weekend.

Program Pegs Writing Issues

March 8, 2017

The PEG Writing system, developed by Measurement Incorporated (MI), implements automated essay scoring (AES) through a number of formative assessment software products. This automated essay evaluation (AEE) software system is being used by nearly three-quarters of a million students in the United States and several other countries. While researchers have investigated the reliability of scoring models, Joshua Wilson, assistant professsor in University of Delaware’s School of Education, is taking a different approach. His research focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of AEE on teaching and learning.

A Lesson from Enron: Charter Schools Need More Oversight

March 6, 2017

In 2001, Enron rocked the financial world by declaring bankruptcy in the wake of a now infamous accounting scandal. Within months, shares in the energy and commodities giant – the seventh-largest corporation in the country at the time – plunged to penny stock levels. Thousands of employees lost their jobs. Investors lost billions. The same type of fraud and mismanagement is happening in the charter school sector, says Professor Preston Green.