Neag School Class of 2019 Featured

UConn Today, the University of Connecticut’s news website, featured the following Neag School Class of 2019 graduates in its Spring 2019 Commencement coverage. Click each student image below to read a Q&A with each individual. 

Isabella Horan (Photo courtesy of Alma Exley Scholarship)

Isabella Horan ’19 (ED)

Kathrine Grant ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Kathrine Grant)

Kathrine Grant ’19 (ED)

Clarey Pass ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Clarey Pass)

Clarey Pass ’19 (ED)

Kaitlyn Ferrara ’19 (ED) (Shawn Kornegay/Neag School)

Kaitlyn Ferrara ’19 (ED)

Kimberly Duhart ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Kimberly Duhart)

Kimberly Duhart ’19 (ED)

Konjit Richards-Johnson ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Konjit Richards-Johnson)

Konjit Richards-Johnson ’19 (ED)

David Dapaah-Afriyie ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of David Dapaah-Afriyie)

David Dapaah-Afriyie ’19 (ED)

Danielle Fontaine ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Danielle Fontaine)

Danielle Fontaine ’19 (ED)

Lindsey Vieweg ’19 (ED) (Photo courtesy of Lindsey Vieweg)

Lindsey Vieweg ’19 (ED)