Academic Vision

Throughout the 2013-14 academic year, tremendous occasion was presented to vision the future for the Neag School. Our faculty, staff, and students worked collaboratively to engage in creation of a vision that outlines our key strengths and opportunities, and collectively aligns with the new university academic plan. The results of these efforts to articulate the unique and cross-disciplinary opportunities for the Neag School to contribute in shaping the future at UConn appear within this academic plan.

Our Time: UConn’s Path to Excellence

Neag School Academic Vision
Neag School Academic Vision

Prepared by the Neag School of Education Strategic Planning Committee in Consultation with Neag School of Education Faculty and Staff

Neag School Academic Plan-Strengths Opportunities and Metrics (PDF)


Major Areas of Focus:

  • Equity and Social Justice
  • STEM Education
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Educator Quality and Effectiveness


Committee Members:

Del Siegle (EPSY, Chair), Casey Cobb (EDLR), Morgaen Donaldson (EDLR), Mary Anne Doyle (EDCI), Jason Irizarry (EDCI), Larry Armstrong (EKIN), Lindsay DiStefano (EKIN), Marijke Kehrhahn (Office of Dean), Yuhang Rong (Office of Dean), Joseph Abramo (EDCI-NTT), Jeffrey Crouse (Fiscal Director), Diane Ullman (Alumni Representative), Jae-Eun Joo, Jeffrey Moore (Student Representative— President of TESA), Lindsey Le (Student Representative—President of NGSA), and Richard Schwab (EDLR/UAVC)