Author: Richard Veilleux

UConn Researchers Develop Model to Assess Teacher Preparation

November 29, 2011

A research study examining the performance of elementary and secondary school teachers in Connecticut indicates that students taught by Neag School of Education alumni score far better on math portions of the Connecticut Mastery Test than do students taught by alumni of other universities. Perhaps more important, though, says Dr. Mary Yakimowski, the Neag Schoolʼs […]

Mentor Connection Students Get Crash Course in Archaeology

August 4, 2011

UConn archaeology professor Nick Bellantoni had just met his three charges, high school juniors participating in UConn Mentor Connection who chose to spend the three-week program working with the State Archaeologist, when an aide told Bellantoni the New Haven police were on the line, looking for him. A skeleton had been found at a construction […]

Class of 2011: Rachel McAnallen

June 8, 2011

Rachel McAnallen is talking about mathematics, and she can’t stop smiling. She has just returned from Ethiopia, where she was teaching teachers how to teach math, and she’s a couple of days away from flying to Utah to – you guessed it – teach teachers to teach math. McAnallen has taught teachers in all but […]

On the Fast Track to Teaching Math and Science

November 15, 2010

Stephanie Mather Dominello and Lorna Carrasquillo, UConn graduates now student teaching in two Connecticut high schools, have a number of things in common. Both decided that they wanted to teach after looking at other career paths. Both say teaching is much busier and more challenging than they initially expected. And both want to make a […]