Author: Stephanie Summers

Boldly Going into Middle School Science

November 29, 2011

Keith Sevigny, lover of science, got liftoff last summer for a team of 8th-grade students at Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School in Hartford. The boys landed their tiny science project on whether seeds will germinate in microgravity on the final mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle program in July. But the launching pad for Sevigny was […]

Neag Undergrad Does the Research, Does the Math

August 4, 2011

This is the story of how Neag junior Briana Hennessy missed a trip to Mexico, instead became immersed in math justification research, and went to Tanzania this summer and got to teach math. She says of the change in destination, “I was going to do a community service project but not related to teaching, so […]

Invest in Positive School Culture to Prevent Bullying Behavior

July 12, 2011

Rather than react to bullying incidents in schools with heavily punitive policies, a systemic, preventive approach that avoids demonizing students and strengthens the overall climate in classrooms is the way to go, Neag School of Education‘s George Sugai and co-authors advise in a paper prepared for President Obama’s White House Conference on Bullying Prevention held […]

Neag Math Duo Decodes Language Barriers to Math Reasoning

March 24, 2011

It all started with the fear and loathing Strand 25 brings to some math classrooms in the state. Strand 25 is the part of the benchmark Connecticut Mastery Test that presents what was once known as “word” or “thought” problems. Now they’re known as “open-ended, non-routine” problems with a lot of language involved. Similar problems […]

Neag Faculty Take the Lead at Educator Effectiveness Symposium

February 3, 2011

One of the hottest topics in public education is the issue of evaluating teachers. Two years ago, a fierce competition for federal Race to the Top money prompted states to propose using data analysis to tie teacher performance directly to student test scores. “I think we’ve all realized it’s far more complicated than it appears,” […]

The Odds Are With ‘All-American’ Stats Teacher

February 3, 2011

As Fred Carofano’s advanced placement students file into his East Hartford statistics class on the Tuesday before Christmas, he hands out a playing card that determines where they will sit and gives them a quick statistics problem to work on. If they get it right, they get a stamp that yields points at the end […]