Dean’s Doctoral Scholars – Why Choose Neag

Why the Neag School? Why Now?

Neag School of Education LogoThe University of Connecticut is at a transformational time in its history. The state of Connecticut has provided the University with unprecedented support to expand its research, teaching, and innovation, including helping to tackle fundamental educational problems faced in our state, across the country, and around the world. As one of the leading centers for research in education, the Neag School is making a difference in our nation and the world.

The Dean’s Doctoral Scholars will be an important part of our transformation. They will gain experience in their selected program across campus and in the community, honing their skills in order to become leaders in their chosen field.

  • Do you want to prepare high-quality teachers to work in the schools that need them the most?
  • Do you want to conduct relevant research that will lead to important innovation and change?
  • Do you want to lead schools, work in new educational systems, and reinvent business as usual?

Come to the Neag School of Education and do just that.

Learn about the Neag School’s new Strategic Plan, which is aligned with the University of Connecticut’s Academic Vision.

For overview information, please see the Neag School of Education Fact Sheet and the University of Connecticut Fact Sheet.