Jeffrey Corbishley ’07 (ED), ’08 MA

2020 Neag School Outstanding School Educator

Jeffrey Corbishley ’07 (ED), ’08 MA, a mathematics teacher at Ridgefield (Conn.) High School since graduating from the Neag School in 2008, was named Ridgefield High’s 2019-20 Teacher of the Year. He also serves as department chair, responsible for lesson planning, assessment, curriculum design, evaluating lessons for 19 staff members, maintaining the department budget, and planning subject-specific professional development.

An active member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Corbishley also has returned numerous times to UConn during the summertime to serve as a staff counselor and residence director for the UConn Mentor Connection program and the Young Scholars Senior Summit.


“Jeff is a highly motivated, intelligent, and conscientious professional in all his work. He approaches problems and challenges with logical thinking and an ability to be calm and focused.”

— Professor Catherine Little

Acceptance Speech from Jeffrey

“Jeff has always been an extremely committed educator. From his time in Neag, he has been passionate about mathematics education and reaching every student. He has found a path toward his work not only through teaching students mathematics, but by leading at the school and state level.”

— Megan Staples, Associate Professor

“Jeff’s teaching does not stop at mathematics; he also helps students further develop skills they need to be successful in future courses such as collaboration, resilience, and innovation. ...

We are beyond fortunate to have Jeff as a leader in our community and we all look forward to working and learning more from his expertise.”

— Mary Ellen Foley, Ridgefield High School

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