Marcia A.B. Delcourt ’80 MA, ’88 Ph.D.

2020 Neag School Outstanding Higher Education Professional

Marcia A.B. Delcourt ’80 MA, ’88 Ph.D. has been the coordinator of the Ed.D. program in instructional leadership at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) in Danbury, Conn., for the past 15 years. The program, for which she teaches courses in leadership, measurement, research, cognition, and curriculum and instruction, has become a model for similar programs in the U.S., Canada, and India. A professor in the education and educational psychology department for the past two decades at WCSU, Delcourt has also held a part-time professorship position at McGill University in Montreal since 2005. The author of more than 70 publications, she has presented at national and international conferences; secured several million dollars in research grants; and been awarded with commendations from WCSU, numerous national and regional educational research associations, and other entities.


“Dr. Delcourt has been active in education for over 25 years in many roles, and in all of them, she has been a stellar contributor.”

— Board of Trustees Distinguished Professors
Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis

Acceptance Speech from Marcy

As a young woman of African American heritage, your support during the doctoral process made a dream of a young girl who grew up in poverty a reality.”

— Melissa Jenkins, Former student of Marcy Delcourt and Director of Early Childhood & Literacy PreK-12, Bridgeport Public Schools

Under Dr. Delcourt’s guidance, the Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership program at WCSU is an excellent program for all educators. In particular, Dr. Delcourt helps enhance, support, and extract the best of educators' potential. She has prepared me to be a teacher who applies scholarly research to the classroom.”

— Reine Issa, Former student and advisee of Marcy Delcourt and Teacher of Mathematics and Testing Coordinator, Bethel High School