Eliana D. Rojas

Associate Professor-in-Residence


Assistant Professor  
Grant Director ,Principal Investigator ; USDE Title III National Professional Development /Research Grants  ( 2003 – 2016)

Academic Degrees:

PhD, University of Connecticut
MA,  University of Connecticut
BA,   University of Minnesota
Licenciatura /Pedagogia en Matematicas, Universidad de Chile

Post-Doctoral Studies, Leadership in Higher Education – Berkeley Graduate School of Education. Berkeley, CA

Graduate Studies. MA. Mathematics Education. University of Iowa

Graduate Studies:  Mathematics University of Minnesota

Academic Discipline: Mathematics – Ethnomathematics.

Fields in Education:  Pre and In-Service Teachers competences – School Professionals/Professional Enhancement – Best Practices in Teacher Education – Sheltered Instruction – Urban Communities – Assessment of Teachers Competences – Building Collaborative Interdisciplinary School Communities – Family Involvement

Communities and Environments: Culturally, Linguistically and Socially Diverse (CLSD) Learners. High Poverty, Highly Vulnerable Communities.  Family and Immediate community Involvement

Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment

Funded Research

Impact of Culturally Meaningful Professional Development (REALL) on Teachers Practices and Advocacy

Impact of using Native language Spanish in Mathematics Content Teaching for ELLs’ Successful Learning.

Impact of Culturally/Socially/ Linguistically aased Best Practices (REALL) on Teachers working on Innerciy-Suburban Schools

Effects of a MA Degree on ELL Teachers’ Professional Growth and Commitment: Follow up with 30 ELL Teachers. Connecticut Schools. CT. (2002 – 2005)

Grant Awards Professional Development / Research Projects.

2012 – 2014 AT&T Research Grant/ UCONN Foundation, Inc. Principal Investigator: Evaluating Minority Disparities in Hartford.

2011- 2016 US Department of Education. US $ 2.0 Million.

PI: Mathematics – Literacy Across Disciplines (Math -LEAD). Building a Whole School Community Thinking STEM.

2007-2012 US Department of Education US $ 1.5 Million.

PI: Raising Expectations for All English Learners (REALL).

2008 – 2011 NSF Research Grant Project. US $ 90,000. With Dr. Michael Young

Educational Technology High School-Pre Engineering and ELL Latino Learners.

2008  College Board US$ 2,500 Co-PI, National Office for School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA) Research Scholarship.

2005    Chancellor Award: US $ 8,000: Developing a Pre-Calculus Seminar in Spanish.

Course Development Project. President Office. University of Connecticut.

2003 -2007 US Department of Education. US $ 1.5 Million awarded.

PI: Teaching Excellence for All Connecticut Educational

Personnel (TEACEP). A Professional Development /Research Project.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Rojas, Eliana D. & Fidel, Oteiza (Forthcoming). CHILE: The Context and Pedagogy of Mathematics Teaching and Learning. In: Mathematics and Its Teaching in the Southern Americas. Ch. 4 Ed: Hector Rosario (UPR, PR), Patrick Scott (Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education, USA), Bruce R Vogeli (Columbia University, USA). World Scientific Publishing and Imperial College Press: Volume 10

Rojas, Eliana D. (Forthcoming)). Best Practices for Best Competencies; the Multi-dimensions of Grounded Sheltered Instruction, the voice of Pre-service, In-service Traditional-mainstream and Multilingual- Multicultural teachers. Submitted to: NABE-Journal for Research and Practice.

Truxaw,  M P. & Rojas E. D. (forthcoming) A Mathematics Educator’s Journey to Understand Challenges and Affordances of Learning Mathematics in a Second Language.

Cook, A. L., Perusse, R., & Rojas, E. D. (2012). Increasing academic achievement and college-going rates for Latina/o English language learners: A survey of school counselor interventions. Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 4(2), 24-40. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7729/42.0023

Ortiz, Jennifer; Burlingame, Cheryl; Onuegbulem, Cybeles; Yoshikawa, Koichi & Rojas Eliana D. (2011). The use of video self-modeling with English language learners: Implications for success.Psychology in the Schools, 49(1), 23–29.

Buller, Gail E.; Rojas Eliana D. (2011). Latino/a Youth Poverty, Language and Identity: School Accommodation without Assimilation, a Pathway to High School Graduation and Success in Higher Education.Boletín de Investigación Educacional, 25(2), 169-188

Rojas, Eliana D. (2010). Using mathematics as equalizer for gifted Latino/a adolescent Learners. In J. Castellano & A. D. Frazier (Eds.), Special populations in gifted education: Understanding our most able students from diverse backgrounds, (pp. 353- 382). Waco, Texas. Prufrock Press, Inc.

Rojas, Eliana D. Ortiz, Jennifer (2010). A Research Based Analysis on Students ‘Individual Achievement and Standardized Testing: Linguistical, Cultural and Social Complexities, and Its Impact on Students Failure. Boletín de Investigación Educacional, 25 (2), 151-168

Rojas, Eliana D. & Hartsock Ximena (2006). The relationship between parent involvements with homework and mathematic achievement of Hispanic linguistically and socially diverse learners.Boletín de Investigación Educacional, 21(1), 63-79

Rojas, Eliana D. & Reagan, Timothy(2003).Linguistic Human Rights: A New Perspective on Bilingual Education. Educational Foundations. 17(1)

Rojas, Eliana D. (2010) Cambios en la Plataforma del Discurso Metodológico en la Carrera Docente: Lo Socio-Cultural y Lingüístico en la Enseñanza de las Matemáticas Chapter in; “Estándares y competencias Múltiples en la Formación Professional del Docente Matemático”. Book published by CIAEM-IACME: Comité Interamericano de Educación Matemática

Rojas, Eliana D (2010). Mathematics as an Equalizer for Latino Diverse Gifted Learners. Chapter in Castellano, Jaime “A Kaleidoscope of Special Populatons in Gifted Education: Considerations, Connections, and Meeting the Needs of Our Most Able Students” a three volume. Prufrock Press

Rojas, Eliana D. (2009).Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Talented Latino/A English Learners: Three Exceptionalities. Perspectives in Gifted Education: Diverse Gifted Learners. Institute for the Development of Gifted Education. Ricks Center for Gifted Children. University of Denver. Vol. 4; pg.110-130 Spring .

Reagan, Timothy, Rojas, Eliana D, Veneros, Ruiz- Tagle, Diana (2009). La práctica reflexiva en la preparación, inducción y evaluación de los maestros. Boletín de Investigación Educacional. Coordinación de Investigación y Publicaciones de la Facultad de Educación de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, Chile

Rojas, Eliana D. (2009). La Epistemología en la Formación del Docente Matemático: Lo Sociocultural y Lingüístico como Paradigmas Guías en los Procesos de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje de las Matemáticas. Boletín de Investigación Educacional. Coordinación de Investigación y Publicaciones de la Facultad de Educación de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, Chile

Rojas, Eliana D. (2008). Culturally Relevant Interdisciplinary Mathematics Lessons: In Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools, 9th Edition. Richard D. Kellough, Jioanna Carjuzaa. Allyn & Bacon/Merrill


2010 Fulbright Senior Specialist.

2009 -2010 Connecticut Latina Citizen of the Year

2009 UCONN-PRLAC Latino Faculty of the Year


American Educational Research Association AERA

National Association for Bilingual Education

TODOS Mathematics for All

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Comite Interamericano de Educacion Matematicas

Internacional Society for Language Studies

Sociedad Chilena de Educacion Matematicas

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