Ido Davidesco

Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences

Educational Psychology


Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences

Academic Degrees:

Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Open University of Israel

Research Interests:

My research is positioned at the intersection of science education, the learning sciences, and cognitive neuroscience. I investigate questions related to student engagement in science learning using neurophysiological methods (such as EEG and eye tracking). I am also interested in how students engage in authentic science investigations and how computational thinking and data practices can be incorporated into the K-12 science and engineering curricula.

Currently Funded Research Projects:

2022-2027 The Role of Internal Attention in Undergraduate Biology Learning. National Science Foundation; Role: PI; Total Award: $1.3M.

2022-2026 Utilizing Neurophysiological Measures to Better Understand and Improve Engagement and Learning with Intelligent Tutoring Systems. National Science Foundation; Role: PI; Total award: $849,999.

2022-2027 Brain Healthy: Engaging Students in Citizen Science Brain Health and Wellness Investigations to Promote Data Science Literacy. National Institute of General Medical  Sciences; Role: PI; Total award: $1.3M.

2022-2027  TRANSdisciplinary Convergence in Educational Neuroscience Doctoral (TRANSCEND) Training Program.  National Science Foundation; Role: Co-PI (PI: Hoeft); Total award: $2.9M.

2021-2025 Fostering Computational Thinking Through Neural Engineering Activities in High School Biology Classes. National Science Foundation; Role: PI; Total Award: $1.4M.

2017-2023 BrainWaves: an EEG-based neuroscience curriculum development and teacher training for underserved high schools. National Institute of General Medical  Sciences; Role: PI; Total Award: $1.3M.

2019-2023 Crowdsourcing neuroscience: An interactive citizen science platform for students, teachers, and researchers. National Science Foundation; Role: Co-PI (PI: Matuk); Total award: $2.4M. 

Selected Publications:

Davidesco, I., Laurent, E., Valk, H., West, T., Milne, C., Poeppel, D., Dikker, S. (2023). The Temporal Dynamics of Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Between Students and Teachers Predict Learning Outcomes. Psychological Science, 34(5), 633-643.

Davidesco, I., Glaser, N., Stevenson, I. H., & Dagan, O. (2023). Detecting fluctuations in student engagement and retention during video lectures using electroencephalography. British Journal of Educational Technology.

Aldemir, T., Davidesco, I., Kelly, S.M., Glaser, N., Kyle, A.M., Montrosse-Moorhead, B., & Lane, K. (2022). Investigating Students’ Learning Experiences in a Neural Engineering Integrated STEM High School Curriculum. Education Sciences, 12, 705. educsci12100705

Davidesco, I., Matuk, C., Bevilacqua, D., Poeppel, D., & Dikker, S. (2021). Neuroscience Research in the Classroom: Portable Brain Technologies in Education Research. Educational Researcher50(9), 649-656.

Janssen, T., Grammer, J., Bleichner, M., Bulgarelli, C., Davidesco, I., Dikker, S., Jasińska, K., Siugzdaite, R., Vassena, E., Vatakis, A., Zion-Golumbic, E., van Atteveldt, N. (2021). Opportunities and Limitations of Mobile Neuroimaging Technologies in Educational Neuroscience. Mind, Brain, and Education. 15(4), 354-370.

Matuk, C., Martin, R., Vasudevan, V., Burgas, K., Chaloner, K., Davidesco, I., Sadhukha, S., Shevchenko, Y., Bumbacher, E., & Dikker, S. (2021). Students learning about science by investigating an unfolding pandemic. AERA Open, 7, 23328584211054850.

Davidesco, I. (2020). Brain-to-Brain Synchrony in the STEM Classroom. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 19(3).

Keller, A.S., Davidesco, I., & Tanner, K.D. (2020). Attention Matters: How Orchestrating Attention Relates To Classroom Learning. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 19(3).

Davidesco, I., & Milne, C. (2019).  Implementing Cognitive Science and Discipline-Based Education Research in the Undergraduate Science Classroom. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 18(3), es4.

Bevilacqua, D.*, Davidesco, I.*, Wan, L., Oostrik, M., Chaloner, K., Rowland, J., Ding, M., Poeppel, D., & Dikker, S. (2019). Brain-to- Brain Synchrony and Learning Outcomes vary by Student-Teacher Dynamics: Evidence from a real-world classroom EEG study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 31(3), 401-411.
(* these authors contributed equally)

Dikker, S., Wan, L., Davidesco, I., Kaggen, L., Oostrik, M., McClintock, J., Rowland, J., Van Bavel, J., Ding, M., & Poeppel, D. (2017). Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Tracks Real-World Dynamic Group Interactions in the Classroom. Current Biology, 27, 1375-1380.

Awards and Honors:

2022 International Mind, Brain, and Education Society, Early Career Award.

2022 National Science Foundation, Faculty Early Career Development Award.

2017  Society for Neuroscience (SfN), Next Generation Award.

2017  Official delegate of the National Science Foundation to the International Science of Learning Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

2016 & 2018 Fellowships to participate in the Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences.

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