Scott W. Brown

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Emeritus

Expertise: Learning and Cognition

Educational Psychology


UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology, Emeritus
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
Co-Director, The GlobalEd 2 Project

Academic Degrees:

Ph.D. Psychology, Syracuse University
M.S. Psychology, Montana State University
B.A. Psychology, Boston University

Areas of Expertise:

Cognition and Instruction

Cognitive Psychology

Research Methodology

Instructional Design

Assessment of Learning


Technology Integration

Interactive Learning Environments

Global Citizenship

Beliefs and Attitudes About Memory Survey – BAAMs


Scott W. Brown is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology, Emeritus who studies problem-based learning environments as a context for learning across the age-span. He has directed or co-directed projects funded by CDC, NSF, IES and the Carnegie Corporation (for more than $20M) focused on such topics as Lyme disease education, marine sciences for deaf students, international negotiations, scientific literacy and teacher education. Dr. Brown is also the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative for the University of Connecticut (2000-present), reporting to the President of the University on athletics-related issues. He currently serves as the chair of the American Athletic Conference Faculty Athletics Representative Committee and as a member of the NCAA Recruiting and Personnel Cabinet. Dr. Brown has held the administrative positions of Educational Psychology Department Head (1994-2001; 2017-2019), Director of the Bureau of Educational Research and Service (1987-94; 2000-01); and the Director of the Teachers for a New Era Project (2003-08). Dr. Brown’s current research focuses on the GlobalEd 2 Project ( ) promoting scientific literacy using a web-based simulation of international negotiations, global citizenship attributes.

Selected Funded Research:

Magnuson, J., Snyder, W., McCoach, D., Chamberlin, S. & Miller, T. (2017-2022). Science of Learning, From Neurobiology to Real-World Application: A Problem-Based Approach – Project SLAC.  National Science Foundation: National Research Traineeship: $2,999,806.  #1735225. S.W. Brown Role: Senior Scientist. (2017-2019).

Lawless, K.A. & Brown, S.W. (2017-2021). GlobalEd2: Refinement of Curricular Intervention, Goal 2, Educational Technology. US Department of Education: The Institute of Education Sciences, IES: $1,190,263 #R305A170588.

The GlobalEd 2 Project  Brown, S.W., & Lawless, K.A. (2013-2017). GlobalEd 2: Efficacy and Replication – Goal 3. US Department of Education: The Institute of Education Sciences, IES. ($3,477,444) #R305A1300195.

Brown, S.W., Lawless, K.A. & Boyer, M.A. (2008-2012). Expanding the Science and Literacy Curricular Space: The GlobalEd II Project. US Department of Education: The Institute of Education Sciences, IES. ($1,491,916) # R305A080622.

Brown, S.W. (2005-07). Evaluating the teaching of science inquiry procedures. Funded by the Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration. $76,000.

Teachers for a New Era Project at UConn. (2003-2008). Funded by the Carnegie Corporation, with additional funding from the Annenberg and Ford foundations. $5,500,000.

Brown, S.W. & Kulikowich, J.M. (2003-04). The Husky Educational Technology Assessment Project. A collection of 16 contracts with school systems in Connecticut and the State of Connecticut’s Department of Education through the Blue Chip initiative to assess educational technology skills of Connecticut’s educators: $200,000.

Boyer, M. & Brown, S.W. (2001-04). Gender, Technology and Group Decision-Making: An Experimental Study in Secondary Education International Studies. U.S. Department of Education; Office of Educational Research and Improvement – Field Initiated Grants: ED-ERI-84.30ST $939,188.

Babb, I, Brown, S.W. & Schifele, P. (2001-04). The Classroom of the Sea. National Science Foundation: HRD-0099230 $443,993.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Full CV at

Boyer, M.A. & Brown, S.W. (in press). Scholarly learning in an ecological setting: Applying the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors framework to perceived outcomes from participation in the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (Chapter 41). In M.R. Willig and L.R. Walker (Eds.). Long-Term Ecological Research: Changing the Nature of scientists. Oxford University Press: Oxford, England.

Lawless, K.A. & Brown, S.W. (in press). Developing scientific literacy skills through interdisciplinary, technology-based Global simulations: GlobalEd 2. The Curriculum Journal.

Ioannou, A., Brown, S.W., & Artino, A.R. (2015). Wikis and forums for collaborative problem-based activity: A systematic comparison of learners’ interactions. The Internet and Higher Education, 24 p. 35-45. DOI: 10.1016/j.iheduc.2014.09.001

Brown, S.W., Lawless, K. A. & Boyer, M.A. (2015). The GlobalEd 2 simulations: Promoting positive academic dispositions in middle school students in a web-based PBL environment (p. 147-159). In A. Walker, H Leary, C. Hmelo-Silver and P. Ertmer (Eds.). Essential readings in problem-based learning. Purdue University Press: West Lafayette, IN.

Lynn, L. J., Lawless, K. A., Brown, S. W., Brodowinska, K., Mullin, G., Powell, N., Richards, K. A., Boyer, M. A. (2014). Science vocabulary development in a problem-based learning simulation. National Teacher Education Journal 7(3), 5-12.

Lawless, K.A., Brown, S.W., Brodowinska, K., Lynn, L., Riel, J., Fields, K., Le-Gervais, L., & Mullin, G. (in press). The GE2 Project – Developing a scientifically literate citizenry. In M. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Information science and technology, Third edition. IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Brown, S.W. & Lawless, K.A. (2014). Promoting students’ writing skills in science through an educational simulation: The GlobalEd 2 project. In P. Zaphiris (Ed.) Human-Computer interaction, Part I, HCII 2014, LNCS 8523, pp. 371-379. Springer International Publishing: Switzerland.

Yukhymenko-Lescroart, M. A., Brown, S.W., Lawless, K., Brodowinska, K., & Mullin, G. (in press). Thematic analysis of teacher instructional practices and student responses in middle school classrooms with problem-based learning environment. Global Education Review, 1(3).

Brown, S. W., Lawless, K. A. & Boyer, M. A. (2013). Promoting positive academic dispositions using a web-based PBL environment: The GlobalEd 2 Project. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning, 7(1).

Lawless, K. A., Brodowinska, K., Lynn, L., Khodos, G., Brown, S. W., Boyer, M. A., Yukhymenko, M. & Mullin, G.P. (2012). The GlobalEd 2 game: Developing scientific literacy skills through interdisciplinary, technology-based global simulations. In Y. Baek (ed.) Psychology of gaming. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Johnson, P.R., Boyer, M.A. & Brown, S.W. (2011). Vital interests: Cultivating global competence in the international studies classroom. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 9(3-4), 503-519.

Niv-Solomon, A., Janik, L.L., Boyer, M.A., Hudson, N.F., Urlacher, B., Brown, S.W., & Maneggia, D. (2010). Evolving beyond self-interest? Some experimental findings from simulated international negotiations. Simulation Gaming first published on August 13, 2009 as doi:10.1177/1046878109341764.

Szarlan, J., Singha, S. & Brown, S.W. (2010). Striving for Excellence: A manual for goal achievement. Pearson Publishing: Boulder, CO..


Selected as a Fulbright Specialist (August 2017).

Appointed as an UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology (2014).

Received The 2008 Outstanding Research Award from the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education.

Received the 2006 Thomas F. Donlon Award for Distinguished Mentoring from the Northeastern Educational Research Association.

Received the University of Connecticut Outreach 2006 Research-Based Public Service and Engagement Program Award for the Global Education Program.

Received the 1998 Excellence in Teaching Award by the University of Connecticut Alumni Association.

Elected as a Fellow of the Association of Psychological Science (2004).


Member, American Psychological Association (Div. 1, 15).

Member, Association for Psychological Science (Fellow).

Member, American Educational Research Association (Fellow) (Div. C).

Member, Northeastern Educational Research Association.

The American Athletic Conference

In the News:

Brown, S.W. (2004, November). Exclusive Interview with Dr. Scott W. Brown, Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Teachers for a New Era Project at the University of Connecticut. Dis

Boyer, M. & Brown, S.W. (2001, October). What if women ran the world? OP Ed for The Hartford Courant, October 11, 2001, A11.

Brown, S.W. (2004, April). UConn athletes find success off court, too. Letter to the editor, Published in USA Today, p. 22A, April 13, 2004.

Brown, S.W. (2007). Interviewed on WTIC 1080 AM regarding Faculty Athletic Representative duties and the Teachers for a New Era Program. December 29, 2007.

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