Neag School Mission, Values, and Principles

View of Gentry Building in Autumn


Our mission is to improve educational and social systems to be more effective, equitable, and just for all. 

We develop educators, professionals, and scholars; conduct rigorous and relevant research; and engage in reciprocal and responsible partnerships with students, practitioners, policymakers, and community members in Connecticut and around the world.



Relevance and Impact

We provide high-quality professional preparation and generate new knowledge informed by the communities we serve to address critical regional, national, and global issues.

Social Justice and Equity

We embrace diversity in its many forms and work actively to create equitable and inclusive learning and professional environments. We recognize systems of oppression, confront them, and strive to promote and uphold justice for all, both within and beyond the Neag School.

Community and Collegial Relationships

We treat each other and others with respect, dignity, and fairness and engage communities and colleagues as partners in continuous improvement to meet identified needs and make meaningful impact.



Rigor and Intentionality 

We engage in work (teaching, research, and service) in a manner that is purpose-driven and evidence–based, and we strive for a high degree of quality.

Professionalism and Integrity 

We adhere to the highest professional standards guided by clear ethical principles; interact in ways that are honest and respectful and that exhibit humility; and maximize generosity towards all involved.

Innovation and Creativity 

We are committed to the discovery and communication of innovative and creative ideas and approaches informed by an array of perspectives to solve critical and persistent problems. We draw on varied and unique strategies, apply innovative methods of analyses, disseminate findings and outcomes via multiple modes to impact a broad audience, and embrace an iterative cycle of continuous refinements and improvements


*Approved by Neag School vote on June 10, 2019

** Approved by Neag School vote on June 5, 2020