Public Engagement

At the Neag School of Education, we are deeply committed to improving the human condition through public engagement. Our academic programs, service efforts, and research and outreach activities impact our local region, the state of Connecticut, and the broader U.S. and global community.

Public Engagement at the Neag School

Husky Sport — Husky Sport is a community-campus partnership that has utilized the power of sport to connect Hartford and UConn stakeholders since 2003.

CommPACT — Funded by the State of Connecticut, Department of Education, the CommPACT Community Schools Collaborative provides resources, materials, technical assistance, and evaluation frameworks to guide the establishment of community schools.

GlobalEd2 — Utilizing educational technologies currently available in most middle schools (computers with internet connection), GlobalEd 2 situates students in a virtual, international decision-making environment focused on critical world issues. Within each classroom or "country", students are further divided into a number of issue areas such as human rights, economic policies, environment, and health.

All academic programs include some form of public engagement through service learning, applied work practicum and internships, and partner schools (e.g., University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program, Teacher Education).

Public Engagement Awards

The UConn Provost’s Office gives out the Provost’s Awards for Public Engagement to recognize outstanding efforts in public engagement across the university and external community. The following individuals and programs are among those who have been recognized for their efforts in past years:

  • Emily Baseler ’17 (ED, CLAS), ’18 MA, student
  • Patricia Bellamy, staff
  • Scott Brown, faculty member – GlobalEd
  • Timothy Dowding, alumnus
  • Zato Kadambaya, alumnus
  • Julia Leonard, student
  • Jennifer McGarry, faculty member – Husky Sport
  • Richard L. Schwab, faculty member
  • Jenna Stone, student