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Students Build Fictional World With Real Educational Impact

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

Polykosmia is a universe dreamed up by students in two classes led this spring by Stephen Slota (he/him, they/them), Neag School assistant professor-in-residence of educational technology. The project, an exercise in both worldbuilding and lesson planning, involved designing everything from mythologies to local governments to individual character arcs. Students also learned how to adapt worldbuilding activities into K–12 classrooms and how to design lesson plans that connected story objectives in a fictional world with learning objectives in the classroom.

Think About the Link logo.

New Grant Funds Effort to Help Schools Integrate Health, Learning

by: Sandra Chafouleas   

The Neag Foundation has provided the UConn Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH) with a two-year grant to facilitate work in the Think about the Link Project. The project builds from the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model to fully acknowledge the many interrelated components involved in supporting student well-being. The Think about the Link Project offers practical tools to help schools enhance their work by incorporating the WSCC model in decision-making across academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical supports. 

Dean Gladis Kersaint.

As a UConn Dean, I Am Privileged. As an African American Woman, I Am Struggling.

by: Gladis Kersaint   

Each of us is processing what is happening in the world right now on our own terms. Some of us prefer to do this alone, reflecting inwardly. Initially, I was one of them. I avoided talking through my feelings with anyone else. I did not consider myself prepared to help other people feel better. I put on my figurative protective armor and took some time to try and catch my breath. I did this despite knowing that, given my position and my race, people might want to hear from me. Despite their needs, I had to take care of self, first.

End Racism graffiti.

Anti-Racism Resources for Students, Educators, and Citizens

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

We are reaching out to share resources that we believe might be helpful as you reflect on the current and ongoing racism in our country. We hope that these resources will help you reflect on and process the current moment. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, as there are so many dynamics, so many theories, so many histories to grasp in order to do our work of understanding anti-racism. We hope it will, though, provide a place for you to start or some new directions to go. As you find useful resources, please continue to share and learn together.

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