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Hall of Fame coach Nancy Stevens speaks with her team. (Stephen Slade '89 (SFA) for UConn, File Photo)

Op-ed: The War on Women Coaches

by: Laura Burton   

As social scientists who study coaching and leadership in sport, we’re starting to see a double standard at play – one that holds female coaches to a different standard than their male counterparts.

Student from the ScHOLA²RS House Living and Learning Community gather at the networking event.

10 Questions With Two Educator Alumni Visiting Campus

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Neag School alumni Jamie S. Baker ’03 (ED), ’04 MA, and Ronall L. Cannada ’05 (ED), ’06 MA visited the UConn Storrs campus this past spring to attend the inaugural 2019 Black History Month Networking Night, held to connect students from UConn’s ScHOLA2RS House, led by the Neag School’s Erik Hines, with alumni and friends of the University. They each reflect here on the impact of the event, as well as on their careers in education since graduating from the Neag School.

Instructor with children in the classroom (Stock photo)

PBIS Academy, Mass. Schools Renew Partnership to Meet Needs of Students

by: Shawn Kornegay   

For the past four years, the Northeast Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Academy, an evidence-based professional development program in the area of social-emotional development, has been used across the state of Massachusetts. Administered by the Neag School of Education through its affiliation with the Northeast PBIS (NEPBIS) Network, a loose affiliation of state education leaders in the Northeast, the PBIS Academy has announced it will continue its partnership with Massachusetts through the spring of 2022, after a bid to renew its contract for four additional years was recently approved.

Samuel Galloway ’01 6th Year, director of human resources at Bristol Public Schools, reviews a student's resume during the Education Career Fair.

Preparing Neag School Teacher Ed Grads for a Successful Job Search

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Many school districts across Connecticut hold Neag School of Education teacher education graduates in the highest regard for potential employment.Throughout the Neag School’s partner school districts, juniors and seniors in the Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s (IB/M) program get firsthand student teaching experience in urban and suburban classroom settings; during their fifth year in the program, students receive further preparation through various professional development offerings and on-site internships.

Students in a Forensics Science Lesson at Confratute 2017

CSI and the Inquiry Process

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

Opportunities for students to take notice and observe the world around them are essential to the inquiry process. In any investigation, students practice patience while closely observing, collecting and organizing evidence, and synthesizing ideas. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) has the potential to develop these skills, and can be integrated into almost any content area.

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