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Britney Jones

Reducing Racism in Schools: The Promise of Anti-Racist Policies

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

In 2020, the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others led to a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement across the nation and around the globe. The revitalization of this movement has come with increased public demand for policy change, and specific calls for anti-racist policies in schools. As a result, many educational leaders are grappling with what this means for their respective contexts, and the extent to which their school or district’s current policies measure up to public demand.

UCAPP students sit in meeting.

Info Sessions: UConn Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP)

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

The University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) is a school leadership preparation program in the Neag School of Education. UCAPP’s mission is to prepare highly qualified school leaders to promote equity and excellence in schools throughout Connecticut. Join an upcoming information session.

Jeremy Landa

5 Lessons for Navigating Life as a Ph.D. Student: A Reflection

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

Michigan native Jeremy Landa, formerly a high school social studies teacher and swimming coach, arrived at UConn in the fall of 2015 as one of the Neag School’s first-ever Dean’s Doctoral Scholars. Having recently defended his dissertation in education policy, he now reflects on his experience as a doctoral student, sharing some of his learnings about the Ph.D. process, and himself, along the way.

Man alone in dark hallway.

America Is Facing a Teen Suicide Pandemic

by: Sandra Chafouleas   

In the United States, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death — with more than 2,000 14- to 18-year-olds dying every year by suicide, and accounting for about one of every three injury-related deaths. That’s the equivalent of losing a large high school’s worth of teenagers to suicide, year after year. These numbers demand our attention.

Man at Philadelphia protest holds Black Lives Matter poster.

New Course Introduces Students to U.S. Anti-Black Racism

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

In the months since Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were killed by police last spring, public outrage over anti-Black racism has inspired widespread protests, conversations and calls for reform. It is a movement with origins both recent and centuries old, and continues to spark in protest, as in the recent case of Jacob Blake, a black man shot by police in Kenosha, Wis. For students at the University of Connecticut, a new course will introduce them to the foundational history of systemic and anti-Black racism in the U.S. that underlies the current movement.

Statue of Robert E. Lee.

Monuments ‘Expire’ — But Can Become Powerful History Lessons

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Historical monuments are intended to be timeless, but almost all have an expiration date. As society’s values shift, the legitimacy of monuments can and often does erode,” say Alan Marcus, a professor of curriculum and instruction at the Neag School, and Walter Woodward, an associate professor of history at UConn. “This is because monuments – whether statues, memorials or obelisks – reveal the values of the time in which they were created and advance the agendas of their creators.”

Teachers outside school for 'reverse' teacher parade

How Three Conn. Superintendents Are Navigating School Reopenings

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

The summer is typically a time for school superintendents to reflect on the previous school year and start thinking about the year ahead. However, preparation looks very different in the age of COVID-19 as school districts choose between three reopening models: fully in-person, hybrid, or remote.

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