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Best Practices in Early Childhood Literacy

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

In this policy brief, doctoral student Shannon Kelley presents a brief overview of early childhood literacy including its importance for future literacy achievement. She details six best practices for preschools of all types, discuss the importance of family literacy, and offers three high-leverage strategies parents and guardians can use with their children.

African American children sit in one-room school house around heater in a historic photo.

How Reparations Can Be Paid Through School Finance Reform

by: Preston Green III   

White public schools have always gotten more money than Black public schools. These funding disparities go back to the so-called “separate but equal” era – which was enshrined into the nation’s laws by the Supreme Court’s 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson. The disparities have persisted even after Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision that ordered the desegregation of America’s public schools.

Mike Fenn in a science classroom holding a beaker.

10 Questions: Following a Family Legacy of Teaching

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Michael Fenn ’19 (CLAS), ’21 MA, a native of East Lyme, Connecticut, grew up around many family members who served as teachers, including his father, grandmother, mother, and two of his sisters. After completing his undergraduate degree in general science at UConn in 2019, Forsyth went on to earn his master’s degree in curriculum and instruction through the 11-month Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates (TCPCG) at the Neag School of Education. He is now a middle school science teacher for Manchester (Connecticut) Public Schools.

School age girl wearing mask interacts with science experiment during BRAIN Camp.

Five Weeks at B.R.A.I.N. Camp Could Give Kids a Brighter Future

by: Shawn Kornegay   

This summer, UConn neuroscientist Fumiko Hoeft, Neag School Associate Professor of Educational  Psychology Devin Kearns, and collaborators from psychological sciences, education, mathematics, the Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC), and others  launched the five-week, all-expenses-included summer camp at Storrs for third- and fourth-grade children who are struggling to read.

Hands on laptop mixed with binary code.

Campbell Receives NSF, Google Grants to Improve Science Education

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Neag School of Education professor of science education Todd Campbell is working on two grants focused on expanding the diversity and accessibility of science education in Connecticut and beyond. The first grant is funded through a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant. The project will develop and implement a unit on the science of COVID-19 through a social justice lens, while also supporting groups of teachers to develop, test, and refine justice-centered instructional practices in local schools.

Two women talk in front of a whiteboard.

$1.5M Grant to Help Develop Exceptional Leaders in Math Education

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

The Connecticut Noyce Math Teacher Leaders (MTL) Program, led by Principal Investigator and Neag School Associate Professor Megan Staples, aims to support the development and retention of exceptional math educators in Connecticut’s highest-needs school districts — while also building these districts’ future leadership capacity in math education.

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