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Finding Joy Through the Holiday Season

by: Sandra Chafouleas   

The pandemic is bringing an atypical holiday season this year, presenting change in the things we do, the way we do them, and who we do them with. We may miss out on getting together in person with family and friends, traveling to cherished places, or taking part in our traditional celebrations. Forced upon us, these unfamiliar changes can evoke feelings of loss and frustration.

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UConn Researchers Prepare Master’s Students to Work with Children with Developmental Disabilities

by: Shawn Kornegay   

A group of researchers from the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education and UConn School of Medicine have received a $1 million grant from the Office of Special Education Programs to develop training for master’s students to address this problem. Professors Lisa Sanetti, Sandra Chafouleas, and Mary Beth Bruder have developed Interdisciplinary Preparation in Integrated and Intensive Practices (I3-PREP). The project is a multidisciplinary effort supported by UConn’s Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP), the Neag School of Education, the UConn School of Medicine.

Julie Wood typing on manual typewriter.

Neag School Alumna Sets Up Planned Gift for Literacy Research

by: Shawn Kornegay   

Julie M. Wood ’71 (ED), ’72 MA, grateful for the safe haven that UConn gave her during the turbulent 1970s, recently decided to leave a planned gift to UConn to support research in an area close to her heart: children’s literacy. She has set up an endowment that will generate funding every year for a faculty member in the Neag School of Education to conduct research in effective practices to support children’s literacy development.

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Justis Lopez: Celebrating Inclusion, Joy in Education

by: Shawn Kornegay   

On the way home from a hip-hop education conference last year, Justis Lopez ’14 (ED), ’15 (MA) and his colleague Ryan Parker were unpacking what they had learned and what they were feeling that day. They started to freestyle rap and found themselves filled with joy, repeating the verse ‘I’m feeling so happy.’ Their freestyling turned into a song called “HAPPYVISM” that is now part of a greater initiative they have named Project Happyvism.

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Letters About Literature Contest Now Underway for Conn. Students

by: Stefanie Dion Jones   

Each year, the Neag School co-sponsors a reading and writing contest known as Letters About Literature for Connecticut students in Grades 4-12. Students are asked to read a book, poem, or speech and write a letter to that author (living or dead) about how the text affected them personally. Prizes are awarded for top submissions.

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