Notable Faculty, Student, and Alumni Honors


Major National Honors & Awards

American Education Research Association (AERA) Fellow
Scott W. Brown
American Psychological Association (APA) Fellow
Ronald A. Beghetto
Melissa A. Bray
Scott W. Brown
Sandra M. Chafouleas
James C. Kaufman
Thomas J. Kehle
D. Betsy McCoach
James M. O’Neil
Sally M. Reis


Association of Psychological Science (APS) Fellow
Melissa Bray
Scott W. Brown
Sandra M. Chafouleas
James C. Kaufman
Thomas J. Kehle


Fulbright Faculty Scholars
Wendy J. Glenn
Robin S. Grenier
James M. O'Neil
Xaé Alicia Reyes
Eliana D. Rojas
International Academy of Research in Learning Disabilities Fellow
Joseph W. Madaus
McGraw Prize in Education
Joseph S. Renzulli (Emeritus)
National Academy of Education
Suzanne M. Wilson


National Education Policy Center Fellow
Casey D. Cobb


National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, Mary A. Switzer Distinguished Research Fellow
Joseph W. Madaus

Major UConn Honors & Awards

AAUP-CT Teaching Awards
Thomas C. DeFranco
Joseph W. Madaus
Alan S. Marcus
Joan M. McGuire (Emeritus)
Stan Shaw (Emeritus)
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professors
Sandra M. Chafouleas
Scott W. Brown
Sally M. Reis
Joseph S. Renzulli (Emeritus)
UConn Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award
Scott W. Brown
Sandra M. Chafouleas (in Teaching and in Research and Creativity)
Robert K. Gable (Emeritus)
Thomas J. Kehle
Marijke Thamm Kehrhahn
Joseph S. Renzulli (Emeritus)
Barry G. Sheckley (Emeritus)



University of Connecticut Teaching Fellows
Lisa Sanetti Educational Psychology 2015-16
Mary Truxaw Curriculum & Instruction 2014-15
Alan S. Marcus Curriculum & Instruction 2013-14
Catherine Little Educational Psychology 2013-14
Douglas Kaufman Curriculum & Instruction 2012-13
Wendy Glenn Curriculum & Instruction 2009-10
Joseph Madaus Educational Psychology 2008-09
Jaci VanHeest Curriculum & Instruction 2006-07
David Moss Curriculum & Instruction 2005-06
Del Siegle Educational Psychology 2004-05
Thomas DeFranco Curriculum & Instruction 2000-01
Jonna Kulikowich Educational Psychology 1999-2000
Sally M. Reis Educational Psychology 1998-99
James O'Neil Educational Psychology 1995-96


University of Connecticut Teaching Scholar
Rene Roselle 2012-13

Neag School of Education Awards

Outstanding Early Career Scholar Award

This award is given to a faculty member(s) in the Neag School of Education within the first eight years (at least two years at UConn) of his or her academic career following the completion of the doctoral degree and recognizes outstanding early-career contributions to his or her field of study, along with a demonstrated potential for continued research success and achievements. 
Hannah Dostal 2019
Allison Lombardi 2018
Devin Kearns 2017
Joseph Cooper 2016
Rachael Gabriel 2015
Sarah Woulfin 2015
Morgaen Donaldson 2012
Lisa Sanetti 2012
Michael Faggella-Luby 2009
Jason Irizarry 2008
Courtney Bell 2007
Jeff Volek 2005
Michael Coyne 2004
Douglas Casa 2004
Sandra Chafouleas 2003
Melissa Bray 2002


Distinguished Researcher Award

This award is given to a senior level-investigator in the Neag School of Education who, over at least the past 10-year period of time (at least five consecutive years at UConn), has made significant research contributions to his or her field of study.
Joseph Madaus 2019
James Kaufman 2018
Michael D. Coyne 2017
Donald Leu 2015
D. Betsy McCoach 2015
M. Katherine Gavin 2012
William Kraemer 2009
Scott W. Brown 2008
Sally M. Reis 2007
Carl Maresh 2006
Larry Armstrong 2005
Thomas Kehle 2004
Timothy Reagan 2003
Joseph S. Renzulli 2002

Dr. Perry A. Zirkel Distinguished Teaching Award

This award is awarded annually to a full-time faculty member in the Neag School of Education for outstanding teaching.
Milagros Castillo-Montoya 2019
D. Betsy McCoach 2018

Neag School of Education Emeriti Faculty

Francis Archambault Professor
Alexinia Y. Baldwin Professor
Richard Bloomer Professor
Clarence R. Calder Jr. Professor
Thomas DeFranco Professor
Mary Anne Doyle Professor
Odvard Dyrli Professor
John T. Flynn Professor
Robert K. Gable Professor
Thomas Goodkind Professor
Stephen H. Greenspan Professor
Harry Hartley University Professor
Judith Irwin Professor
Edward F. Iwanicki Professor
William Jellema Professor
Thomas H. Jones Jr. Professor
Orville C. Karan Professor
Donald Leu Professor
Alfred J. Mannenbach Professor
Joan M. McGuire Professor
Judith A. Meagher Professor
Liliana Minaya-Rowe Professor
Patrick B. Mullarney Associate Professor
Saul H. Nesselroth Extension Professor
Peter J. Nicholls Professor



Steven V. Owens Professor
John E. Rabenstein Associate Professor
Charles D. Reese Extension Professor
Melvyn L. Reich Professor
Joseph S. Renzulli Distinguished Professor
Xae Reyes Professor
Arthur Roberts Professor
Vincent R. Rogers Professor
Chauncy Rucker Professor
Sue A. Saunders Extension Professor
Paul A. Scholl Associate Professor
William Servedio Associate Professor
Robert A. Shaw Professor
Stan F. Shaw Professor
Herbert H. Sheathelm Professor
Barry G. Sheckley Professor
Mark R. Shibles Professor
Steven J. Smith Assistant Dean
James H. Stewart Extension Professor
George Sugai Professor
Gerald Tirozzi Professor
Patricia A. Weibust Associate Professor
Thomas P. Weinland Professor
Richard W. Whinfield Professor
Suleiman D. Zalatimo Professor



Outstanding Student Researcher Award

This award is given to the outstanding student whose research during study with the Neag School of Education demonstrates a pattern of excellence, which represents potential to make an impact in his or her field of study upon graduation. 
Taylor Koriakin 2019
Charles D. T. Macaulay 2017
Ricki Ginsberg 2016
Elena Forzani 2015

Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher Award

Stephen Kilgus 2012
Rebecca Stearns 2012
Brendon McDermott 2009
Maren Fragala 2009
Amy Briesch 2009
Matthew Ganio 2008
Anthony Artino 2008
Barry Spiering 2007
Daniel Judelson 2006
Matthew Sharman 2005
Julie Coiro 2005
Mary Truxaw 2004
Paula Johnson 2004
Duncan Franch 2004
Nicholas Ratamess 2003
Robin Schader 2002
Laura Burton 2002




Outstanding Master’s Student Researcher Award

Lesley Willis 2012
Jeffery Capizzi 2009
Brittanie Volk 2008
Rebecca Stearns 2008
Erica Berg 2007
Erin Quann 2006
Elaine Lee 2005
Carrie Mahoney 2004
Matthew Sherman 2003

Outstanding Teacher Candidate Researcher Award

Briana Hennessy  2012
Alexandra Davies  2012
Meghan Twohig 2009
Brian McDermott 2009
Erica Thiry 2008
Jeffery Corbishley 2008
Rebecca Curtin 2007
Emily McCoy 2007
Erica Berg 2006
Courtney Krzyzek 2005
Ryan Donlon 2003
Jennifer Quadrini 2002

Student Awards Archive


Alumni Distinguished Researcher Award

Marcia Gentry 2012
Carol Garber 2012
Kimberly Lawless  2009
Thomas Herbert 2008
John Castellani 2007
Maryanne Garry 2006
MaryJane DeSouza 2005
Joan McQuire 2003
Jay Hoffman 2003
Michael Deichendes 2002




Outstanding Alumni Early Career Scholar Award

Lea Theodore 2009
Nicholas Ratamess 2007
D. Betsy McCoach 2006
Del Siegle 2004
Kimberly Lawless 2003
John Castellani 2002
Deborah Riebe 2002

Neag School Alumni Awards — Past Recipients


Public Engagement Awards 

The UConn Office of Public Engagement gives out the Provost’s Awards for Public Engagement to recognize outstanding efforts in public engagement across the university and external community. View a list of past Neag School awardees.