Douglas Kaufman

Associate Professor of Literacy | Director of Neag Global Education | University Teaching Fellow

Curriculum &



Associate Professor

Director of Neag Global Education

University Teaching Fellow

Academic Degrees:

Ph.D., Literacy and Schooling, University of New Hampshire
B.A., Theater, Bates College

Areas of Expertise:


Elementary Education

Teacher Education


Teaching Methodology

Qualitative Research

Classroom Discourse

Classroom and Behavior Management

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Bernard, C. Kaufman, D., Mitoma, G., & Kohan, M.  (2023).  edTPA Implications for Teacher Education Policy & Practice: Representations of Epistemic Injustice and Slow Violence.  Education Policy Analysis Archives, 31 (40).

Young, R., Ferguson, F., Kaufman, D., & Govender, N. (2022).  Writing realities.  Brighton, UK: The Writing for Pleasure Centre.

Back, M., Kaufman, D. & Moss, D.M.  (2021).  Enhancing orientation to cultural difference: The role of reentry work for teacher candidates studying abroad.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 35 (2), 297-310.  DOI: 10.1080/02568543.2021.1880999
Kaufman, D. (With Barzottini, L., Bell, J., Burriesci, C., DiCioccio, D., Iwanicki, K., Koerfer, A., Markelon, S., Pitruzzello, N., Simler, R., Tierney, S., & Venora, A.)  (2020).  Challenges and transformations of noticing students in a new culture: Pre-service teachers teach in South Africa to learn to teach in the United States.  Developing habits of noticing in literacy and language classrooms: Research and practice across professional cultures.  (pp. 78-97).  Oxfordshire: Routledge.
Kaufman, D.  (2014).  Teaching preservice teachers how to learn from—and about—their emergent bilingual students: The foundation for everything else.  In T.H. Levine, E.R. Howard, and D.M. Moss (Eds.), Preparing classroom teachers to succeed with second language learners: Lessons from a faculty learning community (pp. 105-121). New York: Routledge.

Kaufman, D., & Moss, D.M. (2010). A new look at pre-service teachers’ conceptions of classroom management and organization: Uncovering complexity and dissonance. The Teacher Educator.

Kaufman, D. (2009). A teacher educator writes and shares: Student perceptions of a publicly literate life. Journal of Teacher Education, 60 (3), 338-350.

Kaufman, D. (2008). Assessment as process: Transdisciplinary self evaluation from a writer’s point of view. In T.A. Osborn, D.M. Moss, & D. Kaufman (Eds.), Interdisciplinary assessment in education. London: Routledge.

Kaufman, D., Moss, D.M., & Osborn, T.A. (Eds.). (2003). Beyond the boundaries: A transdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Kaufman, D. (2002). Living a literate life, revisited. English Journal, 91 (6), 51-57.

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Kaufman, D. (2000) Conferences and conversations: Listening to the literate classroom. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.


Doug Kaufman
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