H. Kenny Nienhusser

Assistant Professor

Educational Leadership


Assistant Professor, Higher Education and Student Affairs

Academic Degrees:

EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University
MSW, Stony Brook University
BA, Stony Brook University

Areas of Expertise:

Higher education policy
Implementation of public/institutional policies affecting college access
Underserved students’ high school-to-college transition
Undocu/DACAmented students
Diversity and higher education


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Research Reports:

Nienhusser, H. K. (2018). Implementation of public and institutional policies for undocu/DACAmented students at higher education institutions. Los Angeles, CA: UndocuScholars.

Nienhusser, H. K., & Dougherty, K. J. (2010). Implementation of college in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants in New York.Albany, NY: New York Latino Research and Resources Network (NYLARNet).

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Selected Funded Research:

Oshio, T., & Nienhusser, H. K. Role of immigration status on undocumented and DACAmented adolescents’ social-emotional development, educational experiences and aspirations, and family processes.

Nienhusser, H. K. & Oshio, T. Factors that shape students’ postsecondary education aspiration.

Nienhusser, H. K., & Wisniewski, L. College-going culture and college choice process in an urban context.

Nienhusser, H. K., & Espino, M. Role of higher education administrators in the implementation of state and institutional policies affecting undocumented students.

Nienhusser, H. K., Vega, B. E., & Saavedra Carquin, M. C. Stigma associated with undocumented immigrants’ unauthorized status and its impact on higher education access.

Nienhusser, H. K., & Dougherty, K. J. Implementation of college in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants in New York.

Professional Experience:

Director of Academic Administration (December 2005 – August 2012)
Teachers College, Columbia University- Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Assistant Director of Housing (July 2001–January 2006)
Teachers College, Columbia University- Office of Housing and Residence Life

Residence Hall Director (May 1998–July 2001)
Stony Brook University- Division of Campus Residences

H. Kenny Nienhusser
Contact Information
Phone860 486 0251
Office LocationGentry 240B