Jennifer McGarry


Educational Leadership


Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Executive Director, Husky Sport

Academic Degrees:

University of Notre Dame-BA English
Morehead State University-MA English
The Ohio State University-Ph.D. Sport Management

Areas of Expertise:

Sport Management

Gender and Race in Sport

Sport Based Youth Development

Qualitative Research

Youth Physical Activity


Jennifer (Bruening) McGarry is a professor of sport management. Dr. McGarry’s research line has focused primarily on barriers and supports for women and those from minoritized ethnic and socio-economic groups. Dr. McGarry is also the program founder and director of Husky Sport. Husky Sport has both a program and a research component. The program connects UConn faculty, staff and students with schools and community organization partners to plan and implement sessions in Hartford, CT.  Husky Sport, funded by USDA’s SNAP-Ed grant for fifteen consecutive years for close to $7M, is a sport-based youth development program emphasizing exposure and access to sport and physical activity, and advocating healthy nutrition and lifestyles. Research has focused on individual level impacts of sport-based youth development on youth participants, individual level impacts of service learning on college student participants, and organizational level impacts on campus-community partnerships. 

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Selected Publications/Presentations:

McGarry, J.E. (2020). Enact, Discard, Transform: An Impact Agenda. Journal of Sport Management, 34(1), 1-8.

Lavoi, N. M., McGarry, J.E., & Fisher, L. A. (2019). Final Thoughts on Women in Sport Coaching: Fighting the War. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 27 (2), 136-140.

Simien, E., Arinze, N., &. McGarry, J.E. (2019). A Portrait of Marginality in Sport and Education: Toward a Theory of Intersectionality and Raced-Gendered Experiences for Black Female College Athletes. Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy, DOI: 1080/1554477X.2019.1614865

McGarry, J., Mala, J., & Corral, M. (2018). Program Development: A Sport-Based Authentic Adolescent Leadership Model. Journal of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1(2).

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Bruening, J. E, Cotrufo, R. A., Fuller, R. D, Madsen, R. M, Evanovich, J. M., & Wilson-Hill, D. E (2014). Applying intergroup contact theory to the sport management classroom. Sport Management Education Journal, 8, 35-45.

Fuller, R.D., Bruening, J. E., Percy, V. E, & Cotrufo, R. A. (2013). Early adolescent male development: A study of a sport-based after-school program in an urban environment. Research Quarterly in Exercise and Sport, 84 (4), 469-482.

Clark, B. S., Bruening, J. E., & Madsen, R. M. (2013). Mentoring identity of female student-athletes: A study of service with urban youth using sport and physical activity. International Journal of Sport Management, 14, 147-174


Provost’s Award for Excellence in Outreach and Public Engagement


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Journal of Sport Management, Editorial Board

Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Editorial Board

Sex Roles, Editorial Board

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McGarry Burton team up with epsnW US department of state on women in sport initiative

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