Justin Evanovich

Associate Clinical Professor

Educational Leadership


Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Co-PI and Managing Director, UConn Husky Nutrition & Sport

Academic Degrees:

University of Connecticut – BA Sociology
University of Connecticut – MA Sport Management
University of Connecticut – PhD Sport Management

Areas of Expertise:

Sport Management

Critical Social Theory

Sport Based Youth Development

Service Learning


Dr. Justin Evanovich currently serves as an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership within the Neag School of Education and as the Co-PI, Managing Director of UConn Husky Nutrition & Sport*.

UConn Husky Nutrition & Sport provides UConn staff and students an intentional structure for collaboration and shared learning with community and campus partners to plan, deliver, and evaluate educational programs aimed at enhancing exposure, knowledge, and access to sport and physical activity, healthy nutrition, and academic achievement, as part of positive lifestyles and opportunities.

Justin teaches courses associated with sport, community, education, critical social theory, and critical service learning. Research has focused on individual level impacts of sport-based development programs with youth and the reciprocal impact of involvement with college student participants.

*Formerly Husky Sport – www.huskysport.uconn.edu

Selected Publications:

Arinze, N., Klein, M., Mala, J., & Evanovich, J.M. (2022). Developing Social Justice Outcomes Through Service-Learning Among Sport Management Students. Sport Management Education Journal, 1-11.

Zuk E., Maksymiw K., Root H., McGarry J., Evanovich J.M., & DiStefano L. (2021). Youth Perceptions in Sport-Confidence. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 35(11), 3232-3235.

Dixon, M., McGarry, J.E. & Evanovich, J.M. (2020). Managing Participant Sport Across the Life Span. In Contemporary Sport Management, 7th  Pedersen, P & Thibault, L., editors.

McGarry, J.E. Evanovich, J.M., Ebron. K., Cho, J., & Arinze, N. (2019). Power and politics: A case study in community sport partnerships. Case Studies in Sport Management. 8(1), 50-5.

Dixon, M., McGarry, J.E. & Evanovich, J.M. (2018). Community and Youth Sport. In Contemporary Sport Management, 6th Pedersen, P & Thibault, L., editors.

Fuller, R.D., McGarry, J.E., Coble, C.J, Evanovich, J.M., & Zastoupil, G. (2017). Lessons Learned: Action Research in a Campus-Community Partnership. In Research Methods Case Studies. Sage Publications Ltd.

Fidler, J., McLaughlin, P., Bubela, D., Scarneo, S. E., McGarry, J., Evanovich, J.M., & DiStefano, L. (2016). An Exploration of the Relationship of Body Mass Index with Motor Performance Measures and Quality of Life in Children Living in an Urban Setting. Journal of Childhood Obesity1(4), 20.

Fuller, R.D., Evanovich, J.M., Bruening, J.E., Welty Peachey, J.A., Coble, C.J., Percy, V.E., Maldouangdock, J., & Corral, M. (2015). The impact of a sport-based service learning course on participants’ attitudes, intentions and action toward social change. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 8, 14-26.

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Bruening, J. E., Cotrufo, R. A., Fuller, R. D., Madsen, R. M., Evanovich, J. M., & Wilson-Hill, D. E (2014). Applying intergroup contact theory to the sport management classroom. Sport Management Education Journal, 8, 35-45.


Justin Evanovich.
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