Preston Green III

John and Maria Neag Professor of Urban Education

Educational Leadership


John and Maria Neag Professor of Urban Education
Professor of Educational Leadership and Law

Academic Degrees:

Ed.D., Educational Administration, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1995
J.D., Columbia University, 1992
B.A., Government, University of Virginia, 1989

Areas of Expertise:

Charter Schools

Educational Equity

Educational Leadership

Educational Policy

School Choice


Preston Green is a professor of educational leadership and law at the University of Connecticut and the John and Maria Neag Professor of Urban Education at the Neag School. At the University of Connecticut, Dr. Green helped develop the UCAPP Law Programwhich enables participants to obtain a law degree and school administrator certification at the same time. Dr. Green also developed the School Law Online Graduate Certificate, a 12-credit online program that helps educators, administrators and policy makers understand the legal dimension of K-12 education.

Before coming to the University of Connecticut, he was the Harry Lawrence Batschelet II Chair Professor of Educational Administration at Penn State, where he was also a professor of education and law and the program coordinator of Penn State’s educational leadership program. In addition, Dr. Green was the creator of Penn State’s joint degree program in law and education. Further, he ran the Law and Education Institute at Penn State, a professional development program that teaches, administrators, and attorneys about educational law.

At the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Green was an associate professor of education. He also served as the program coordinator of educational administration and Assistant Dean of Pre-Major Advising Services.

Dr. Green has written five books and numerous articles and book chapters pertaining to educational law. He primarily focuses on the legal and policy issues pertaining to educational access and school choice.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Green, P., & Connery, C. (in press). Charter schools, academy schools, and related-party transactions: Same scams, different countries. Paper to be published in Arkansas Law Review.

Connery, C., Green, P., & Kaufman, J. (2019). The underrepresentation of CLD students in gifted and talented programs. Implications for law and practice. University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender, and Class, 81-101.

Oluwole, J., & Green, P. (2019). Riding the Plessy train: Reviving Brown for a new civil rights era for micro-desegregation. UCLA Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review, 36, 1-66.

Green, P., Baker, B., Oluwole, J. (2018). Are charter schools the second coming of Enron?: An examination of the gatekeepers that protect against dangerous related-party transactions in the charter school sector. Indiana Law Journal, 93, 1121-60.

Green, P. (2016). Non-religion-based state constitutional challenges to educational voucher and tax credit programs. Peabody Journal of Education91, 490-502.

Oluwole, J., & Green, P. (2016). School vouchers and tax benefits in federal and state judicial constitutional analysis. American University Law Review, 65, 1335-1447.

Green, P., Baker, B., Oluwole, J., & Mead, J. (2016). Are we heading for a charter school “bubble”?: Lessons from the subprime mortgage crisis. University of Richmond Law Review50, 783-808.

Oluwole, J., & Green, P. (2015). Virtual schools, student rights, and the First Amendment: Adjusting the schoolhouse gate to the 21st century. North Carolina Journal of Law and Education, 17, 221-306 (2015).

Green, P., & Oluwole, J. (2015). An analysis of the New York charter school auditing cases. West’s Education Law Reporter, 319, 1-15.

Green, P., & Oluwole, J. (2015). Response to “Applying value-added methods to teachers in untested grades and subjects.” Journal of Law and Education, 44, 401-12.



American Educational Research Association

Education Law Association

University Council for Educational Administration

In the News:

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