Diandra J. Prescod

Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator

Educational Psychology


Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator

Holmes Scholars Program Coordinator

Academic Degrees:

Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision, University of Central Florida
M.S., Mental Health Counseling, Monmouth University
B.A., Psychology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Research Interests:

Career Development

Initiatives in STEM Education

Faculty/Students of Color in Higher Education


Dr. Diandra J. Prescod is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of School Counseling at the University of Connecticut. In her previous role, she was an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator of Career Counseling at Pennsylvania State University. Her research focuses on career development interventions for (a) STEM undergraduate students and (b) women/students of color in higher education. Dr. Prescod currently serves as secretary for the European Branch of the American Counseling Association and spent one year as secretary and member of the organizing committee for the Pennsylvania Career Development Association (est. 2019) that won the National Career Development Association’s Outstanding State Division Award in 2020. She is active in the field of Counselor Education and presents her research nationally and internationally.

Selected Publications:

  • Belser, C.T., & Prescod, D.J. (2021). Conceptualizing COVID-19 career concerns using bioecological systems: Implications for career practice. The Career Development Quarterly, 69(4), 355-370.
  • Prescod, D.J., Haynes-Thoby, L., Belser, C.T., & Nadermann, K. (2020). Including Gottfredson’s career theory in STEM initiatives geared towards students of color. Journal of Negro Education, 89(2), 158-168.
  • Prescod, D.J., Zeligman, M., Greene, J.H. & Hall, K.G. (2020). Navigating the therapeutic waters: How practitioners develop theoretical orientation. Journal of Counselor Practice, 11(1), 55-84.
  • Gilfillan, B., Kim, S.R., & Prescod, D.J. (2020). International college options: Professional development influence. Journal of School Counseling, 18(3). Retrieved from http://www.jsc.montana.edu/articles/v18n3.pdf.
  • Prescod, D.J., Gilfillan, B., Belser, C.T., Ishler, M., & Orndorff, R. (2019). Career decision-making for undergraduates enrolled in career planning courses. The College Quarterly, 22(2). Retrieved from http://collegequarterly.ca/2019-vol22-num02-spring/career-decision-making.html.
  • Edwin, M., Prescod, D.J., & Bryan, J. (2019). Profiles of high school students’ career aspirations. The Career Development Quarterly, 67(3), 255-263.
  • Belser, C.T., Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Cushey, K.F., Karaki, R., Young, C., & Dagley, M. (2018). The Role of Faculty Guest Speakers and Research Lab Visits in STEM Major Selection: A Qualitative Inquiry. Journal of Career and Technical Education, 33(1), 8-26.
  • Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Young, C., Dagley, M., & Georgiopoulos, M. (2018). Exploring negative career thoughts between STEM declared and STEM interested students. Journal of Employment Counseling, 55(4), 166-176.
  • Edwin, M. & Prescod, D.J. (2018). Fostering elementary career exploration with an interactive, technology-based career development unit. Journal of School Counseling, 16(13). Retrieved from http:/www.jsc.montana.edu/articles/v16n13.pdf.
  • Prescod, D.J., & Zeligman, M. (2018). Career adaptability for trauma survivors: The moderating role of posttraumatic growth. The Career Development Quarterly, 66, 107-120.
  • Belser, C.T., Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Dagley, M., & Young, C. (2017). Predicting undergraduate retention in STEM majors based on career development factors. The Career Development Quarterly, 65, 88-93.

Selected Presentations:

  • Prescod, D.J., Haynes-Thoby, L., Edwin, M., & Wright, G. (2021, June). She’s a BAWSE: Supporting Black Ambitious Women Seeking Excellence. To be presented at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Virtual.   
  • Haynes-Thoby, L., Prescod, D.J., & Zeligman, M. (2021, June). Navigating Career During Persistent and Collective Trauma: A Social Cognitive Career Theory Approach. To be presented at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Virtual.
  • Haynes-Thoby, L., & Prescod, D.J. (2020). Building Resilience Through Cultural Knowings: Factors That Contribute to the Resilience for Black Women with Histories of Intimate Partner Violence. NBCC Foundation Conference, Bridging the Gap Digital Experience. Virtual. 
  • Prescod, D.J., Zhai, Y., & Belser, C.T. (2020). Examining the Effectiveness of Career Counseling for STEM Students. National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Virtual.
  • Prescod, D.J. (2019). Career Counseling Considerations for Undergraduate Students of Color and International Students. European Branch of the American Counseling Association (EB-ACA) Conference. Vienna, Austria.
  • Prescod, D.J., Haynes-Thoby, L., Belser, C.T, & Nadermann, K. (2019). Including Gottfredson’s Career Theory in STEM Initiatives Geared Towards Students of Color. National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Houston, TX.
  • Belser, C.T., & Prescod, D.J. (2019). School Counselors and STEM Career Work: Preliminary Findings. National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Houston, TX.
  • Prescod, D.J., & Bright, D.(2019). Career Development and Rural Schools: Implications for Practice. National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Houston, TX.
  • Haynes-Thoby, L., & Prescod, D.J. (2019). Addressing Barriers and Building Success: Trauma-Informed Career Counseling. National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Houston, TX.


  • 2020 Career Development Quarterly Article of the Year Award – National Career Development Association (“Profiles of high school students’ STEM career aspirations” – Mary Edwin, Diandra J. Prescod, & Julia Bryan)
  • 2020 Outstanding State Division Award National Career Development Association (Member of Pennsylvania Career Development Assoc. board and organizing committee)
  • 2018 New Professional of the Year Award North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 
  • 2017 Emerging Leaders Fellow Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • 2016 Emerging Leaders Fellow North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 
  • 2016 Paul and Marjorie Price Family Endowment Penn State University
  • 2014 Outstanding Journal Article Award – Association for Adult Development and Aging
    Diandra J. Prescod.
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