Month: June 2017

Problems With Charters That You Won’t Hear DeVos Talk About

June 23, 2017

Preston C. Green III, Bruce Baker and Joseph Oluwole’s article, entitled “Having It Both Ways: How Charter Schools Try to Obtain Funding of Public Schools and the Autonomy of Private Schools,” explains how charters use “their hybrid characteristics to obtain the benefits of public funding while circumventing state and federal rights and protections for employees and students that apply to traditional public schools.”

Retiring Bulkeley High Principal Meets Graduates at a Crossroad

June 16, 2017

Graduates of Bulkeley High School looked forward as they crossed the stage on Thursday, encouraged by peers and educators to never give up in the face of challenges. Principal Gayle Allen-Greene said she was at a crossroads, just like the students, as she is retiring this year after 20 years at Bulkeley, and 37 years in the Hartford public schools.

New Principal Named to Farmington’s Noah Wallace School

June 9, 2017

A Redding principal will take over the top position at Noah Wallace School on July 1, Farmington public schools announced. Carrie Wessman Huber, current principal of Redding Elementary School, was selected at the end of a national search to replace Kelly Sanders, who served as principal of Noah Wallace for four years.