Month: August 2018

Jason Courtmanche from the UConn Dept. of English and the Connecticut Writing Project, recognizes one of the student honorees. In the background is Doug Kaufman, from the Neag School, who served as another faculty advisor.

10 Questions With the Director of the Connecticut Writing Project

August 28, 2018

Jason Courtmanche ’91 (CLAS), Ph.D. ’06 has been serving in a variety of capacities at the University of Connecticut for 23 years. A lecturer in the University’s English department, an assistant coordinator of the Early College Experience English program, and affiliate faculty in the Neag School’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, he primarily serves as director of the Connecticut Writing Project (CWP), which immerses Connecticut teachers in an intensive writing program where they grow as writers, learn about teaching writing, and have the opportunity to become published in one of CWP’s literary magazines.

Running back Lyle McCombs

Dangerous Stereotypes Stalk Black College Athletes

August 21, 2018

If you go strictly by the official account, heatstroke was the cause of death for University of Maryland football player Jordan McNair. McNair died earlier this year following a grueling practice in which training staff failed to properly diagnose and treat his condition.

But there’s another culprit – or at least a contributing factor – that should not be overlooked.

As I argue in my forthcoming book – “From Exploitation Back to Empowerment: Black Male Holistic (Under) Development Through Sport and (Mis) Education” – what threatens black college athletes such as McNair is not just the brutal treatment to which they are subjected on the field.

View of Gentry Building in Autumn

Fall 2018 Faculty Appointments and Retiree Announcements

August 20, 2018

The Neag School of Education welcomes four new faculty members — two in the Department of Educational Leadershipand two in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction — effective Aug. 23. In addition, René Roselle, associate clinical professor in the Neag School, has been named interim director of teacher education, for a two-year term. Roselle has served as associate director of teacher education for the past five years.