Month: April 2019

Leszek Ward interacts with fellow students and guests at the 2019 UCAPP Change Project Day in Storrs this April.

UCAPP Student Project Strives to Build a Sense of Belonging

April 30, 2019

Over the past academic year, Neag School graduate student and high school English teacher Leszek Ward studied the effectiveness of regularly bringing small groups of students together with faculty advisors during homeroom at New Haven Academy, to determine whether implementing a structured protocol across certain groups would increase students’ sense of belonging.

UConn to Offer Degree in Sign Language

April 30, 2019

Today, nearly every state recognizes and accepts American sign language (ASL) as a second or world language and a growing number of universities now offer ASL in fulfillment or foreign language requirements. The university is working on a partnership with the Neag School of Education for an ASL concentration within the world language teacher certification program.

An Equitable English Education Begins With Dignity

April 29, 2019

“Why do dignity and justice go hand in hand? Because teaching for justice requires that we love the children we teach. And to love young people, we have to fundamentally believe that they matter. Mattering isn’t a feeling; it’s an action. It’s respecting the richness of young people’s identities and acting in the best interest of their humanity.”

Jesús Cortés-Sanchez ’18 (ED), ’19 MA playing clarinet at Morse Academy (Photo credit: Matthew Fried)

Living the Dream

April 22, 2019

Among the 53 “DREAMers” who played instruments and sang on the Grammy-winning big-band album “American Dreamers (Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom)” is Jesús Cortés-Sanchez ’18 (ED, SFA), ’19 MA, an aspiring music teacher in the integrated bachelor’s/master’s program with the School of Fine Arts and the Neag School of Education.