Month: April 2018

The Danger of California Charter Schools

April 30, 2018

Although charter schools are intended to offer students better educational opportunities, they also pose a danger of making inequities worse than they were. That’s according to a new study by Preston Green, professor of education and law at the University of Connecticut, and Joseph Oluwole, associate professor of counseling and educational leadership at Montclair State University.

New Evaluation Guide for Special Ed Services Draws Scrutiny

April 30, 2018

New guidelines have been developed by Connecticut’s education department that describe the process parents should use for their children to be evaluated for special education services. But concerns are being raised that the new guidelines would make it harder for parents, not easier, than under previous guidance.

Windsor Board Picks New Principal for Middle School

April 27, 2018

The Board of Education selected a new principal for Sage Park Middle School at a special meeting on Tuesday. Liana Jorgensen, the school’s current vice principal, will take over as principal in July for Paul Cavaliere, who is retiring at the end of the school year after 19 years in the job.