Month: August 2015

Renzulli’s Gifted Education Programming Has Positive Impact in D.C.

August 28, 2015

The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) discontinued their gifted education programs in 2005 – and had no plans to serve the city’s most talented learners. But when high-performing students started leaving DCPS for private schools in the suburbs or area charter schools in search of gifted programs, DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson began searching for a gifted education program. In 2012, DCPS turned to Professor Joseph Renzulli, Neag School of Education researcher and internationally known expert in gifted education, for help.

Neag School Explores Greater Internationalization of Teacher Education With Visit to Germany

August 27, 2015

Few would likely dispute the enormous impact that globalization has had in recent decades on every aspect of civilization, from international commerce to technology to concerns about the environment. But where might education fit into this equation? Perhaps more than ever before, the idea of shaping students into thoughtful, responsible global citizens has become a […]

Neag Professor Receives IES Grant to Develop Literacy Program for Students with Disabilities

August 18, 2015

Neag School of Education faculty member Devin Kearns has received an $650,000 grant from the Institute of Education Services (IES), as part of a larger $1.6 million grant with other colleagues, to develop a middle school co-teaching program to encourage collaboration between content-area and special education teachers and to improve the reading skills and content-area knowledge of students with learning disabilities.

Alum and First-time Author Explores Why Smart Kids Cheat

August 18, 2015

Neag alumna Kate Maupin ’08 recently won the 2015 International Book Award (IBA) for her first book, Cheating, Dishonesty & Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It (Great Potential Press, 2015). Beating out 1,200 entries from around the world, she captured the top prize in the education/academic category, revealing how “more than 80 percent of bright students self-reported that they had not only cheated in an academic setting, but also had never been caught.”

Neag School Alumni: Join Us Oct. 9-11 for Huskies Forever Weekend!

August 6, 2015

We invite you and your family members to take part in Huskies Forever Weekend, a three-day event at the Storrs campus filled with activities open to all UConn alumni.

This three-day event will feature everything from a 5K race to museum-led art tours to a wine and beer tasting. In addition, the Neag School will be sponsoring the following activities on Saturday, Oct. 10. Register online now!