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Neag School of Education Announces New Grant for Connecticut Teachers

November 17, 2017

A new grant to support Connecticut teachers, the Rogers Educational Innovation Fund, has been established by the Neag School of Education thorough a legacy gift of $125,000 from Neag School Professor Emeritus Vincent Rogers. The expanded Rogers Educational Innovation Fund will provide a $5,000 grant annually in support of innovative projects carried out by teachers in Connecticut.

Prof. Emeritus Pursues Innovation in Connecticut Classrooms With Legacy Gift

November 9, 2017

University of Connecticut Professor Emeritus Vincent Rogers has announced an endowment to the University’s Neag School of Education, designating a legacy gift of $125,000 to expand the Rogers Educational Innovation Fund, according to the fund’s website. With the expansion, “The Rogers Award” will provide $5,000 annually to an elementary or middle school teacher in the state of Connecticut for use in the classroom, the fund’s website said.

Expert: Political Climate Trickles Down to Schools

November 2, 2017

Bullying, harassment and social exclusion are common climate problems within schools, but they’ve become especially concerning since the 2016 presidential election, George Sugai said.
In his keynote address at the Reynolds Alumni Center on Wednesday, Sugai — a professor at the University of Connecticut with a Ph.D. in special education — discussed the necessity of educators creating a positive school climate on all campuses.

Inviting Uncertainty into the Classroom

October 31, 2017

“What would happen if we invited uncertainty into our classrooms? If you’re not sure how to answer this question, you’re not alone. What makes this question difficult is that most of us don’t like uncertainty. It’s uncomfortable. We do our best to avoid uncertainty and if we experience it, we attempt to quickly resolve it.” Ron Beghetto

Want to Think Outside of the Box? Try Sniffing a Placebo

October 27, 2017

The research reinforces other studies showing that creativity is not fixed, says James Kaufman at the University of Connecticut. “There’s a lot of evidence that you can nurture or suppress creativity,” he says. “Obviously, individual differences also play a role, but the ways that teachers give feedback and organisations reward employees have huge impacts.”

Neag School Hosts Annual Educational Leadership Forum in Hartford

October 27, 2017

Neag School of Education alumni, faculty, and administrators, along with educators from across the state, gathered at the Hartford Public Library’s Center for Contemporary Culture earlier this month for an evening of networking and insights from two dynamic Neag School alumni.

Miguel Cardona’00 MA, ’04 6th Year, ’11 Ed.D, ’12 ELP, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning for Meriden (Conn.) Public Schools, and Bridget Heston Carnemolla ’13 Ed.D, ’14 ELP, superintendent for Watertown (Conn.) Public Schools, each shared insights into their experiences in the Neag School’s educational leadership program and personal revelations on leadership as the featured speakers for the Neag School’s third annual Educational Leadership Alumni Forum.

Sarah Woulfin at UPPI kickoff meeting

Transforming Principal Preparation: Reflecting on UPPI’s Progress

October 26, 2017

As 2017 nears its close, work on the University Principal Preparation Initiative — an initiative led at UConn by the Neag School’s University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) — is getting ready to celebrate its first birthday. This past year, UConn was one of seven universities selected to take part in the Wallace Foundation-funded initiative, which launched officially in January and is focused on improving training programs for aspiring school principals nationwide. Over the past 10 months, dedicated workgroups have been developing a “theory of action” for redesigning UCAPP.