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The Grace of Feminist: Grace Mandy

March 4, 2019

“I hope to be able to someday marry what I’ve learned at the Women’s Center with my teaching,” Grace explains. “At the Women’s Center, we’re constantly working on taking articles that we read, or videos that we watch, discussing them, and learning how to become people who can create a better world. This is a lesson I hope to apply to my own teaching practices!”

Beyond the Field: Claire Smith Shares Stories and Wisdom

February 12, 2019

Claire Smith, an African-American female, grew up in a time when both of her underrepresented identities first made their breakthroughs. She told of how both her parents grew up as big Jackie Robinson fans and how that had a trickle-down effect on her. In a time where blacks in America faced oppression in a multitude of areas in society, every breakthrough was of major significance.

How Teachers Can Support and Challenge Twice-Exceptional Students

January 10, 2019

“When I first started my student teaching, I understood that all of my students would have specific learning needs that must be addressed throughout the school year,” writes Caroline Galeota. “As a teacher with dual certifications in elementary education and special education, I knew I would need to support students with a wide range of talents and abilities. Yes, it was tough learning how to identify and implement supports that ensure academic growth for students, but with proper training and time in the classroom it became second nature.”

Emily Tarconish, a Neag School scholarship recipient, spoke during the 2018 Scholarship Celebration.

10 Questions With Ph.D. Student Emily Tarconish, Brain Injury Survivor

January 8, 2019

Emily Tarconish is a Ph.D. candidate in Neag School’s educational psychology program with a concentration in special education. She is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) she endured at the age of 15. With years of hard work and rehabilitation, Tarconish has relearned how to walk, speak, and regain basic life functions. Once she completes her Ph.D., she plans to pursue research focused in part on improving access to higher education for college students with TBIs.