Month: May 2016

Students walking in high school hallway

UConn Professor: Schools Face New Challenges as Enrollment Shrinks

May 24, 2016

Connecticut is facing a steady decline in its school-age population, with the decline largest among high school students. The shrinking pool of high school students is expected to affect Connecticut school districts in many ways, from planning for school buildings, to class size, and even decisions about where students will attend school. Shaun Dougherty, assistant professor of education policy and leadership at the Neag School of Education, and an affiliated faculty member in UConn’s Department of Public Policy, recently discussed the potential impact. This story — written by David Bauman — originally appeared on UConn Today, the University of Connecticut’s news website.

VIDEO: What Is Giftedness?

May 13, 2016

Joseph Renzulli is an American educational psychologist. He developed the three-ring model of giftedness, which promoted a broadened conception of giftedness. He also developed the “Schoolwide Enrichment Model” for developing children’s talents in schools. Renzulli is known for his contributions to understanding giftedness.