Scholarships Go to 170 Neag Students

Scholarships were bestowed on students who have excelled in the arenas of special needs, physical therapy, educational leadership and a host of other specialties at the Neag School of Education’s 16th Annual Honors Celebration in April.

“Over the past 16 years, this event has grown from a small, lunchtime reception in the faculty lounge, to over 170 scholarship recipients and more than 50 scholarships,” Dean Thomas DeFranco said in his welcome to the crowd on April 23.

Recipients were noted for their scholastic achievement, passion for a certain subject, research on children in low-income circumstances, global interests, work with persons with developmental disabilities, community service and a range of other high-level pursuits.

Donald Briere, a special education teacher and third-year doctoral student in the educational psychology department, was awarded the Lisa Pappanikou Glidden Scholarship, which supports a graduate student in special education. His focus is on positive behavioral interventions and supports, and his research centers on classroom management practices, small-group interventions, and fidelity of program implementation. Briere, Neag BS ’07 and MA ’08, says he developed his passion for research as a graduate assistant in the master’s program.

Besides the award itself, “being able to meet and talk with the scholarship donor was such an honor,” Briere said about his time with Elayne Marrotte, the sister of the scholarship’s namesake and daughter of the late professor emeritus A.J. Pappanikou and his wife, Lucette. “The scholarship will certainly aid in my journey through my post-graduate program. I am humbled by the accomplishments past recipients have made and am striving to uphold these high expectations with my future research and endeavors,” Briere said.

Along with recipients of specifically named and purposed scholarships, 74 students who received support through the Neag Endowment also were honored.

Many thanks to scholarship donors who attended the 16th Annual Honors Day

  • Mrs. JoAnn Aitken, Andrew T. Aitken Physical Therapy Scholarship
  • Mrs. Lynne Allen and Mr. William Barney, Neag School of Education Alumni Society Scholarship
  • Dr. Francis X. Archambault, Jr., Friends & Colleagues of Francis X. Archambault, Jr. Fellowship
  • Dr. & Mrs. Scott & Margie Brown, Vernon and Elizabeth Brown Family Scholarship
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Gladys Dunn, Robert E. and Gladys B. Dunn International Scholarship
  • Mrs. Kettely Florian and her sister Eurley Hercule, Hans Carson Hercule Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. Richard V. Jackman, Fran Tappan Student Aid Scholarship
  • Mrs. Elayne A. Marrotte, Lisa Pappanikou Glidden Scholarship Fund
  • Mr. Roland J. Perreault and Dr. Joseph W. Smey, Joseph W. Smey, ’68 EdD, PT Endowed Scholarship in Physical Therapy
  • Drs. Sally M. Reis & Joseph S. Renzulli, Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis Renzulli Fund for Graduate Studies in Gifted Education
  • Drs. Richard & Kristin Schwab, Richard L. and Kristin E. Schwab Fellowship Fund
  • Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. & Catherine W. Smith, Steven J. Smith Scholarship Fund
  • Drs. Thomas & Mary Weinland, Thomas P. Weinland Fund

Congratulations to all the 2010 Scholarship Recipients

Akeya Peterson
Amy McCullough
Amy Sevigny
Annie Ramos
Anthony Spinelli
Ashley Bates
Ashley Capozzoli
Ashley Ruegg
Ashley Sullivan
Asia Boxton
Asia Boxton
Bethany Rataic
Brianna Ozimek
Britney Bush
Brittany Perotti
Bryan Yarrington
Caitlin Masopust
Caitlyn Hardy
Caroline Stackhouse
Catherine Burland
Cedric Haddad
Chelsea Becce
Chelsea Lawrence
Chelsea Maigis
Christine Barile
Christopher Baxter
Christopher Miller
Cleo Rahmy
Conor Calabro
Courtney Jump
Courtney Moody
Craig Waterman
Cynthia Bushey
Dana Lovallo
Dana Neely
Daniel Marcoux
Danielle Jeffries
Daria Szafran
Donald Briere
Edward Boynton
Eileen Gonzalez
Elisabeth Werling
Elizabeth Ann Santos
Elyse Botelho
Emily Dreher
Emily Hernberg
Emily Roberts
Emily Wallingford
Erica Armstrong
Erika Urcinas
Eury Cantillo













Evan O’Neill
Gail Buller
Garrett Waldron
Gul Jaffery
Heidi Koeppel
Jaclyn Chancey
Jaclyn Long
Jacob Sklarew
Jacqueline Guerrera
Janine Firmender
Jena Savage
Jennifer Corbett
Jennifer Falcigno
Jennifer Garofalo
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Jorgensen
Jennifer Ortiz
Jennifer Richard
Jennifer Suen
Jenny Barnett
Jessica Vargas
Joannah Graham
Joseph Ingriselli
Joseph Pinola
Kaitlyn Rojee
Kara Pettit
Karen Nixon
Karen Rambo
Katherine Jolly
Katherine Swedberg
Katherine Van Deveire
Kathryn Taft
Kathryn Ward
Kelly Dibble
Kelsey O’Reilly
Kelsey Seddon
Kevin Ballard
Kimberly Krzyk
Kimberly Weber
Krista Burnham
Kristen DeBona
Kristin Deming
Kristin Holsing
Kristina Forzaglia
Kristina Jablonski
Kristina Scarrozzo
Lacey LaHaie
Laura Blanco
Laura Tiffany
Lauren Anthony
Lauren Cerulli
Lilah Sharaf
Lily Huang
Lindsay Hom
Lisa Mishriky
Llancylluis Williams
Lukas Kailimang
Marisa Birdsell
Marissa Chowaniec
Mariya Yukhymenko
Mary Jane Skelly
Matthew Gade
Matthew McKay
Matthew Spector
Megan Ramsey
Megan Ramsey
Meghan McNichol
Melissa Levenstein
Melissa Mitchell
Meloney Bailey
Meredith Bellamy
Michael Lewis
Michael Rambone
Michele Battinelli
Michelle Levenduski
Nathan Bean
Nicole Holland
Nicole LaPierre
Paige Moore
Paul Griswold
Pei-Hsuan Chiu
Rachel C. Anderson
Rachel Rodziewicz
Rebecca Zielinski
Rhema Fuller
Robert Gendreau
Robert Smith
Sara Mykietyn
Sarah Scranton
Sarah Stockmann
Sarah Tung
Sevan Angacian
Shannon Cohane
Sheena Boyle
Shirley Armenteros
Staci Puto
Stephanie Kin
Stephen Charette
Tara Lloyd
Taylor Lebovich
Terri Clark
Zachary Penwell