Where Do Neag Alumni Work in Connecticut?

Where are Neag alums working in Connecticut?
This map of Connecticut, prepared by the Office of Assessment at the Neag School of Education, illustrates how many Neag School alumni (teachers, related services, administrators, and superintendents) are employed by each district in 2009-2010.

Did you know 165 out of 166 school districts in Connecticut employed Neag alumni in the 2009-10 school year?

Did you know that 3,094 Neag alumni currently work in Connecticut schools?

Neag’s assessment director, Mary Yakimowski, and graduate students have been analyzing employment patterns of 1986-2008 graduates. The demographics tracked annually include where the graduates are working, how each category is broken down by gender and race/ethnicity, and even which districts employ the most graduates from each field or concentration. Of the 166 school districts in CT, only one district, Derby, did not employ a Neag graduate during the 2009-2010 school year.

“We are learning how to display this information visually and collaborated with the Mapping and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) from the university’s library,” said John Harris, IB/M graduate student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. “Using a special mapping software, we were able to generate maps illustrating how many alumni are employed during the school year by district.”

According to Dr. Yakimowski, “Hopefully what we have learned — where our graduates are working — will be a stepping stone to assessing the impact Neag graduates have on their students.”

For more information, contact Mary at mary.yakimowski@uconn.edu.