Spotlight on Assessment – Early Fall Priorities

Together, we are embracing and promoting an assessment culture characterized by evidence-based decisions, with the intended purpose of providing a more challenging, learner-centered academic community that advances knowledge and improves vitality in all aspects of the School.  Together, using assessment, all of us can make a difference.

Now that we have kicked off the fall 2012 semester, assessment is on the minds of almost everyone. While students are getting adjusted to the assessment requirements of each class by reading the syllabus and listening to the information shared by the faculty, at the school level there is so much planned regarding assessment. Noted below are some September and October highlights.

Neag School of Education’s Common Entrance Surveys for our new candidates in four of our programs – IB/M and TCPCG Teacher Education, School Counseling, School Psychology, and UCAPP – was administered in September. Reports of these survey results will be posted by October 15 at:

Did you graduate from our Teacher Education program in 2010 or 2012? If so, we need you to let us know two things. First, are you are in a certified teaching position? Second, if you are in a certified position, what school and district employ you?  The aggregate statistics will be supplied on the form submitted to US News and World Report. In turn, this organization ranks the schools of education across the nation. We hope to be ranked as highly as last year. Please provide your answers to these two questions to

Did you graduate from our Teacher Education, UCAPP, School Counseling, or School Psychology program in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011?  Please anticipate receiving an email which invites you to respond to a specially designed alumni survey. This survey will help us see what individuals reflect upon that was exceptional about the program; and, more importantly, point us in the right direction to what further needs improvement. We look forward to your responses.

We are kicking of our 6th academic year with our Neag School of Education’s Colloquium Series. These are free of charge sessions on assessment, evaluation, and/or research.  This year’s offerings are promised to be top-notch. (Some sessions will even include a free lunch.) Anyone can attend but registration is necessary as they are first come, first serve as there are room space requirements. The session descriptions and registration information may be found at: Sessions commence in early October.

We hope to see you at the colloquia or hear from you soon.