Neag Students Reflect on the Impact of Scholarship

Neag Alumni President Louis Ando (pictured in the middle) attends Neag’s Honors Ceremony with Alyssa Bogdanowicz and Gabrielle Pollatto.
Neag Alumni President Louis Ando (pictured in the middle) attends Neag’s Honors Ceremony with Alyssa Bogdanowicz and Gabrielle Pollatto.

Alyssa Bogdanowicz received her bachelor’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in English last year. Gabrielle Pallotto earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Education and is currently studying abroad in London through the Neag IB/M program. Current Neag Alumni Society Scholarship recipients recently reflected on the impact of the scholarship. 

Q. What did the Neag Alumni Scholarship mean to you?

AB: When I received notice that I had been selected for the scholarship, it was shortly after my father had passed away. Living off of a single parents income and having 3 siblings is a challenge for any family. This scholarship meant that I could finally help contribute to the costs of my education and didn’t have to rely on loans and my mother’s bank account.

GP: The Neag Alumni Scholarship means a lot to me because I feel it is one of the most prestigious scholarships that can be awarded through Neag. The presenter of the scholarship at the night of the award ceremony showed great gratitude toward me as a future educator and I felt as if the Neag Alumni Association has hand picked me because they feel I will be a great asset to the field.

Q: What are your plans for the scholarship?

AB: The scholarship was applied directly to my fee bill to help pay for some of the expenses of a Master’s year program. Because I will have to start paying back college loans shortly after graduation in May, the scholarship means that I will have less money to pay back which is very helpful for me.

GP: In Fall 2014, I was chosen to attend the Neag IB/M program in London, England, among 14 other recent undergraduate students. This will be a continuation of our graduate studies through the Neag program. This scholarship will go to great lengths in helping me receive a well-rounded experience while abroad.

Q. How has the Neag School of Education prepared you thus far for your future career?

AB: After spending 2 ½ years in the program, I couldn’t imagine feeling any more prepared for my future. Neag has not only taught me the skills necessary to be a great educator, but has helped me become a mature professional. I am a strong collaborator with staff and parents, and have learned how to be a team player as well as a leader in each school I have interned in.

GP: The Neag School of Education instills us with the notion that we are the ones that can make the change, be the difference in the system. I feel as Neag pushes its graduates into the field, giving them a notch up from other education programs around the world because of their commitment to success.


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