100 Questions That Promote Mathematical Discourse

Dean Gladis Kersaint 100 Questions Promoting Mathematical Discourse InfographicsAsking better questions can open doors for students, promoting mathematical thinking and discourse.

A set of 100 questions that can be incorporated into mathematics instruction — created by the Neag School Dean Gladis Kersaint, who serves as an advisor for Ready® Mathematics — have been made available online as free infographics.

Click here to download all of the free infographics, including the one at right.

In addition, a white paper — titled “Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning” and authored by Kersaint — is also free for download until Sept. 30.

The white paper examines why discourse plays such an important role in furthering student understanding of mathematical concepts, and outlines strategies to support mathematical discussion in today’s classrooms, including:

  • Strategies for engaging every student in mathematical discourse
  • Classroom environments that support mathematical dialogue
  • Tools to plan and lead discourse
  • Different approaches for communicating mathematical knowledge