Are Charter Schools the New Subprime Mortgages?

Preston Green
Professor Preston Green, right, speaks with visiting professor James L. Moore of The Ohio State University this past fall. (Photo Credit: Shawn Kornegay/Neag School)

Preston Green III, John and Carla Klein Professor of Urban Education in the Neag School of Education, recently spoke with Jennifer Berkshire, author of the EduShyster blog, about a new report – titled “Are We Heading Toward a Charter School ‘Bubble’?: Lessons From the Subprime Mortgage Crisis” – for which Green is the lead author. The story has subsequently been covered by the Washington Post,, Business Insider, and numerous other media outlets and education blogs.

Berkshire speaks with Green about the idea, posed in the report he co-authored, that a charter school “bubble” may be forming, particularly in urban communities, and about the researchers’ reasons for comparing the expansion of charter schools with the subprime mortgage crisis. Green says: “The argument that I hear all the time that drives me crazy is: ‘Obviously this is a good choice. Look at all the parents who are standing in line.’ That’s just evidence that people want a better education. That doesn’t mean that they’re actually getting it.”

Read the interview in full here.