Month: May 2017

Trump’s Education Budget Takes Aim at the Working Class

May 23, 2017

“In one sense it makes sense to me politically that the small-government arm of the Republican party would be focused on reducing overall federal expenditures, especially in places like education that are supposed to be reserved for the state,” said Shaun Dougherty, a CTE researcher and education-policy professor at the University of Connecticut who authored the Fordham Institute report.

Reinventing High School

May 22, 2017

Education policy makers understand that the world of work has changed, and that for long-term success, some college-level education is going to be required for most people to earn a living wage. Career-tech schools with strong academics show that “there are multiple pathways to it,” says Shaun Dougherty, a professor at the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education.

‘City That Reads’ Looks for Outside Cash

May 18, 2017

Armed with a new plan about how to make New Haven “the City That Reads,” Mayor Toni Harp is putting a call out to big-buck not-for-profits to help pay the freight.

Harp and leaders of a 36-member blue ribbon panel released the plan — a report on how to bring all students to grade-level reading and make all citizens more literate — at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at City Hall.