Congratulations, Class of 2020

The Neag School Class of 2021 will be remembered as one of UConn’s most resilient graduating classes ever.

For all that you have accomplished, we share our deepest congratulations. We hope to celebrate in person with you in October. Had a live Undergraduate Commencement ceremony been possible this spring, we would undoubtedly be giving you a standing ovation. 

Check out personal well wishes to the Class of 2020 from faculty and staff across the Neag School:


Read featured profiles on 10 Neag School graduating seniors from the Class of 2020:

Neag School Class of 2020 Featured


Click the images of Neag School alumni below to watch and read their individual messages to the Class of 2021:

Alum Brian Kirby
Alum Brian Kirby ’18 (ED), ’19 MA
Alum Kate Collins.
Kate Collins ’15 (ED), ’16 MA

Quote from alum Timothy Alstrum
— Timothy Alstrum ’81 (ED)

Claudia Bachmann-Bouchard.
Claudia Bachmann-Bouchard ’19 MA
Alum Rachel Cooper.
Rachel Cooper ’12 MA
Family of Katherine Griffin ’20 (ED)
Family of Class of 2020 graduate Katherine Griffin
Alumna Sarah Heist.
Sarah Heist ’12 (ED), ’13 MA
Alum Lisa Zielinski and family.
Lisa (Amato) Zielinski ’90 MA & family

Quote from alum Rosalie Munk
— Rosalie Munk ’04 (ED), ’05 MA

Quote from Lisa Famularo ’18 MA
— Lisa Famularo ’18 MA

Click the images of Neag School faculty and staff below to hear their individual messages to the Class of 2020:

Dominique Battle-Lawson.
Dominique Battle-Lawson
Susannah Everett.
Susannah Everett
Devin Kearns.
Devin Kearns
Todd Campbell.
Todd Campbell
Casey Cobb.
Casey Cobb
Danielle DeRosa.
Danielle DeRosa
Mary Truxaw.
Mary Truxaw
Ann Traynor.
Ann Traynor
Mark Kohan.
Former faculty member Mark Kohan
Jennie Weiner.
Jennie Weiner
Michele Back.
Michele Back
Laura Burton.
Laura Burton
Douglas Kaufman.
Douglas Kaufman
Carlton Jones.
Carlton Jones
School Psychology professors.
Melissa Bray, Sandra Chafouleas, Lisa Sanetti, Tamika La Salle (clockwise from top left)
Tutita Casa.
Tutita Casa
Michele Femc-Bagwell.
Michele Femc-Bagwell.