Month: June 2020

Our Teens Are Missing So Many Milestones, but There Are Things We Can Do

June 15, 2020

“As a parent, it is a daily struggle not to get swept up in the sadness of the losses forced by COVID-1,” writes Sandra Chafouleas, a UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor. “As a school psychologist, I am trying my best to heed what I know about coping and promoting resilience. Life is supposed to present us with bumps — bumps can help us grow if the right supports are available to brace for them. But the intensity of the current global situation means that we need to identify and draw on positive coping resources more purposefully.”

New Principal Named for Windsor Locks High School

June 11, 2020

Rebecca Aldred, a co-assistant principal at Ellington High School, is the new principal of Windsor Locks High School, Superintendent of Schools Shawn Parkhurst announced. The Board of Education approved the hiring at a meeting Thursday. Aldred is slated to begin the job July 1.

Embracing the Unknown in New Approaches to Principal Preparation

June 10, 2020

Six of these faculty members met earlier this year at the UConn Hartford campus in the historic Hartford Times Building to discuss changes in the program thus far, elements that appear to work well, elements that present some challenges and directions the program may take in days and years ahead. Wallace’s editorial staff had the opportunity to listen in and report back.

Special Education Services Strengthens Leadership Team with Addition of Diane Myers

June 9, 2020

Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), a premier provider of education services for K-12 students who face challenges that prevent them from being successful in a traditional classroom, today announced the appointment of Diane Myers, Ph.D. to senior vice president, special education-behavior. In this role, Myers is responsible for leading the company’s pedagogical approach to behavior practices.

Here’s Why I’d Play This Year — And Why I Wouldn’t

June 8, 2020

“As we await a potential agreement between MLB ownership and the union to play the 2020 season, there is still a long bridge to cross between policy and reality,” says Doug Glanville, a Neag School faculty member and former MLB player. “In the end, it is a negotiation, and history tells us there must be a compromise if there’s going to be baseball this year. During this coronavirus pandemic, safety has no compromise, of course, but there are elements on the table that leave more room to meet in the middle.”

Distance-Bullying? Rates May be Low, But Reporting, Investigating More Complex, Experts Say

June 5, 2020

Cyberbullying could worsen during distance learning unless districts focus on positive online environments for kids, experts say.

The specific factors exacerbating potential threats include more access to technology, less adult supervision, and fewer distractions, said Sandra Chafouleas, a professor at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education.

Dean Gladis Kersaint.

As a UConn Dean, I Am Privileged. As an African American Woman, I Am Struggling.

June 5, 2020

Each of us is processing what is happening in the world right now on our own terms. Some of us prefer to do this alone, reflecting inwardly. Initially, I was one of them. I avoided talking through my feelings with anyone else. I did not consider myself prepared to help other people feel better. I put on my figurative protective armor and took some time to try and catch my breath. I did this despite knowing that, given my position and my race, people might want to hear from me. Despite their needs, I had to take care of self, first.