Author: Fiona Brady

Instructor with children in the classroom.

PBIS Academy, Mass. Schools Renew Partnership to Meet Needs of Students

May 17, 2019

For the past four years, the Northeast Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Academy, an evidence-based professional development program in the area of social-emotional development, has been used across the state of Massachusetts. Administered by the Neag School of Education through its affiliation with the Northeast PBIS (NEPBIS) Network, a loose affiliation of state education leaders in the Northeast, the PBIS Academy has announced it will continue its partnership with Massachusetts through the spring of 2022, after a bid to renew its contract for four additional years was recently approved.

Leszek Ward interacts with fellow students and guests at the 2019 UCAPP Change Project Day in Storrs this April.

UCAPP Student Project Strives to Build a Sense of Belonging

April 30, 2019

Over the past academic year, Neag School graduate student and high school English teacher Leszek Ward studied the effectiveness of regularly bringing small groups of students together with faculty advisors during homeroom at New Haven Academy, to determine whether implementing a structured protocol across certain groups would increase students’ sense of belonging.

Students listen in on Joseph Cooper’s remarks at an event held last month to celebrate the release of his book, From Exploitation to Empowerment. (Eve Lenson/Neag School)

Cooper Issues New Book: From Exploitation Back to Empowerment

March 15, 2019

Fellow faculty members, students, alumni, family, and friends last month joined Joseph N. Cooper, assistant professor of sport management in the Neag School, to celebrate his newly released book, From Exploitation Back to Empowerment: Black Male Holistic (Under)Development Through Sport and (Mis)Education (Peter Lang, 2019), inspired by his research on the intersection between sport, education, race, and culture and the impact of sport involvement on the holistic development of Black male athletes.