Author: Mary Yakimowski

Spotlight on Assessment – Early Fall Priorities

August 27, 2012

Together, we are embracing and promoting an assessment culture characterized by evidence-based decisions, with the intended purpose of providing a more challenging, learner-centered academic community that advances knowledge and improves vitality in all aspects of the School.  Together, using assessment, all of us can make a difference. Now that we have kicked off the fall […]

Spotlight on Assessment – Entrance Surveys, Statewide Forums and Website: Current Exciting Priorities for Assessment

July 19, 2012

This summer is filled with excitement with all of the happenings under the umbrella of “assessment” at the Neag School of Education. This includes: Planning to distribute the Common Entrance surveys for new candidates in four of our programs – IB/M and TCPCG Teacher Education, School Counseling, School Psychology, and UCAPP programs. Organizing the third […]