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Technology Clicks for UConn Alumnae Teaching Second-Graders

February 17, 2010

Imagine the “Ask the Audience” option on the syndicated TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and you’ll have a good understanding of a new clicker technology brought to Portland, CT, second-graders by a Neag graduate school alumna. Amy Raines is the one responsible for bringing the idea to Valley View Elementary. While working […]

Nayden Clinic Gets a Fresh Start

February 12, 2010

Patients, Students and Research Benefit A new location, more space and additional technology are just some of the adjustments made at the Nayden Rehabilitation Clinic to launch it as an independent health care provider in eastern Connecticut and expand its services. Until December, the clinic was affiliated with Windham Hospital, which was responsible for billing […]

A ‘Special’ Educator, A.J. Pappanikou Dies

February 8, 2010

Retired Neag School of Education Professor, Agisilaos John Pappanikou, Ph.D., who fought for the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families, died Nov. 6, 2009 at age 79. Called “Pappy” by those who knew him, he was a professor of special education at UConn’s School of Education from 1965 to 1989. His friends and […]

Renzulli’s Offer to Match Contributions to Gifted Scholarship

February 3, 2010

When Neag School Professor Joseph Renzulli was awarded the prestigious McGraw Prize in Education last fall, he received a bronze sculpture and a gift of $25,000. Soon after, Joe, and his wife and research colleague Sally Reis decided to use the money to match any donation made to their scholarship fund, which was created several […]

Improving the Literacy Skills of At-Risk Kindergartners

February 1, 2010

The inability to recognize even simple terms often leads to serious reading problems later, says Michael Coyne, whose research on reading interventions for kindergarteners, including intensive vocabulary training, is gaining national attention. Coyne, an associate professor in the Neag School’s Center for Behavioral Education and Research (CBER), has won nearly $4.5 million in federal grants […]

Guidebook for Parents Penned by Gifted Team

January 27, 2010

Practical Strategies for Cultivating Child’s Love of Learning Light Up Your Child’s Mind, a new book written by Neag School of Education professors Sally Reis and Joe Renzulli, is aimed directly at parents, offering them practical advice on how to play a more meaningful role in a child’s education, both in and out of the […]

Fulbright Specialist Returns from Thailand with Powerful Lessons

January 27, 2010

Thailand’s reverence for teachers took a little getting used to for Neag professor Xae Alicia Reyes, who spent six weeks in the southeast Asian nation as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. The experience, says Reyes, reinforced her strong belief in education as a bridge between cultures. Reyes, an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and […]

Education’s Top Honor Goes to Neag Professor Joseph Renzulli!

January 27, 2010

  When the telephone rang in Joseph Renzulli’s office one day last summer, and the voice on the other end asked if he would take a call from Terry McGraw, the Neag professor’s first reaction was, “Who’s Terry McGraw?” Not only is McGraw the chairman, president and chief executive officer of The McGraw-Hill Companies, he […]

Collaborations Result in Kraemer’s Career High

January 14, 2010

The sports science world knows William Kraemer as an expert in the field of exercise science with special emphasis on the study of strength training. But the Neag professor sees himself simply as “the old coach,” giving credit to his colleagues for the many awards that have come his way over a long career in […]