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New Study Deepens Nation’s School Turnaround Mystery

August 17, 2017

The researchers, Shaun Dougherty and Jennie Weiner of the University of Connecticut, looked at two tiers of struggling schools in the state: “warning” and “focus” schools. Schools in both categories had to choose four changes to make. Focus schools, the lower-performing group, had to select from a prescribed list, while warning schools could also could come up with their own strategies.

Free Admissions Tests Help More Poor Students Go to College

July 26, 2017

Recently published research out of UConn suggests that a simple, low-cost intervention may offer an effective solution. The study by Joshua Hyman, an assistant professor of public policy at UConn and educational leadership at UConn’s Neag School of Education, looks at a policy in Michigan requiring eleventh grade students to take the ACT and compares the change in the rate of students going to college before and after implementation of the policy.

NFA’s Science Dept. Says Students, Teachers Learned at Camp

July 18, 2017

Stephani Jones, the head of the science department at Norwich Free Academy, recently oversaw the school’s second annual summer program for aspiring science teachers working to get their teaching certification and also gain valuable first-time experience teaching children in the classroom. The UConn-NFA STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program took place July 10-13 at NFA’s Broadway campus.

UConn ScHOLA2RS House Students Experience Brazil

June 8, 2017

Led by Erik Hines, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, students and faculty advisors from University of Connecticut’s ScHOLA2RS House traveled to the Bahia region of Brazil this spring to learn about the low access rate to higher education among Afro-Brazilian adolescents. Hines is the faculty advisor for the ScHOLA2RS House Learning Community.