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Sarah Woulfin at UPPI kickoff meeting

Transforming Principal Preparation: Reflecting on UPPI’s Progress

October 26, 2017

As 2017 nears its close, work on the University Principal Preparation Initiative — an initiative led at UConn by the Neag School’s University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) — is getting ready to celebrate its first birthday. This past year, UConn was one of seven universities selected to take part in the Wallace Foundation-funded initiative, which launched officially in January and is focused on improving training programs for aspiring school principals nationwide. Over the past 10 months, dedicated workgroups have been developing a “theory of action” for redesigning UCAPP.

Editorial: Educational Psychology Grants Provide a Bright Future For All Students

October 24, 2017

Recently, two educational psychology projects in the Neag School of Education have received grants totaling almost $5 million to perform research in different areas of education for gifted and talented students. The grant, which was funded by the Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act, is helping provide money to two different professors and their research team.

Race, Sport and Activism Panel Discusses Intersection Between Sports and Activism

October 19, 2017

Sports activism has become an increasingly controversial topic in news media, with many people both for and against the peaceful protests done by NFL players. In response to this, UConn Athletics, Sport Management Program and Collective Uplift co-sponsored the Race, Sport and Activism Panel. The purpose of this panel, moderated by Dr. Joseph Cooper, was to give student athletes a chance to discuss the subjects of race, sport and activism.

Student at esports conference

10 Questions With Neag School Experts in Gaming and Education

October 19, 2017

In their recently published edited volume, Exploding the Castle: Rethinking How Video Games and Game Mechanics Can Shape the Future of Education (Information Age, 2017), Neag School faculty Michael Young and Stephen Slota — both longtime video game devotees — explore the value of games, the role of games in the future of K-12 and higher education, and more. Here, Young, associate professor of cognition, instruction, and learning technology, and Slota, assistant professor-in-residence of educational technology discuss the book and share their insights on the intersection between games, technology, and learning.

George Sugai

Educators Must Teach Civility, Inclusiveness

October 16, 2017

Co-written by George Sugai, Neag School professor of special education, and Geoff Colvin, a retired research associate in the University of Oregon’s College of Education, this piece was originally published in the “Guest Viewpoint” section of The Register-Guard, a local newspaper based in Eugene, Ore.