Month: January 2021

Miguel Cardona is Set to Prove Himself on a Much Larger Stage

January 19, 2021

What Miguel Cardona, 45, lacks in years of leadership, Robert Villanova and others said he makes up for in his ability to work with teachers on often-contentious issues, from evaluation to lengthening the school day. During the vetting process for U.S. education secretary, Cardona “must have been able to tell a dozen stories about how he was able to connect conflicting points of view and come out with a better solution,” Villanova said.

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Fixing Connecticut School Finance: The Time is Now

January 14, 2021

No state school finance system remains adequate in perpetuity without checks and balances. Goals change as do other demands on local public schools. State school finance systems require constant evaluation and recalibration. Connecticut schoolchildren have waited far too long, especially those in the state’s low income black and Latinx communities.

Mansfield Students Organize Fundraiser to Assist Local Businesses, Essential Workers

January 14, 2021

Under the guidance of Mansfield teacher and Neag School alumna Madison Corlett, grade four students who are learning remotely this year have engaged in a series of “passion” projects, including the gift card fundraiser. With a goal to raise $5,000, this group of students, representing all three Mansfield elementary schools, launched a Go Fund Me page, setting a goal to help local businesses who they had heard were struggling as a result of COVID-19

Professor Emeritus Bill Servedio.

The Enduring Vision and Innovation of Professor William Servedio

January 12, 2021

Having always practiced what he preached as a professor, advisor, and coach, William “Bill” Servedio is someone who walks the walk. Perhaps more accurately, the Neag School Professor Emeritus runs the run; he appears to have spent most every day of his 78 years moving at full tilt. And in recently establishing a scholarship fund for Neag School sport management students in addition to taking part in virtual discussions with alumni from the program, he clearly has no intention of slowing down.