Month: September 2019

Mike Forsyth, alum of the Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates.

10 Questions With Michael Forsyth, Navy Veteran Turned Math Teacher

September 5, 2019

Michael Forsyth ’15 (CLAS), ’16 MA had already served in the U.S. Navy aboard two submarines and started a family when he decided in his late 20s to work toward a college degree. After completing his undergraduate degree in mathematics at UConn in 2015, Forsyth went on to earn his master’s degree in curriculum and instruction through the 11-month Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates at the Neag School of Education. He has since been finding creative ways to teach math to students at Connecticut River Academy in East Hartford, Conn. 

The Alternative to Gifted and Talented for the Few: What it Looks Like to Spread Similar Enrichment to All

September 4, 2019

“The recent controversy over the elimination of gifted education programs in New York City’s public schools must be viewed in the larger context of the role that schools need to play in changing world conditions, career development opportunities, the job market and the ways in which we can better prepare all of our young people for happy and productive futures,” says Renzulli and Reis.