Neag School Class of 2020 Featured

We are featuring some of our Neag School Class of 2020 graduating seniors. Click each student image below to read a Q&A with each individual. 

Antonia Tiedtke, blond female in front of Neag School banner

Antonia Tiedtke ’20 (ED)

Julia Mancini, brown haired girl with hand resting on chin.

Julia Mancini ’20 (ED), ’21 MA

Natasha Schweitzer, blond female wearing UConn blue t-shirt.

Natasha Schweitzer ’20 (ED)

Kiana Foster-Mauro

Kiana Foster-Mauro ’20 (ED)

Svea Boker, blond female playing field hockey.

Svea Boker ’20 (ED)

Damayanti Rane-Castrodad, brown haired female in front of green bushes.

Damayanti Rane-Castrodad ’20 (ED)

Sarah Coyne, brown haired female with white top.

Sarah Coyne ’20 (ED)

Juanyi (Michelle) Li

Juanyi (Michelle) Li ’20 (ED)

Suli Serrano-Haynes, curly haired female with long hair.

Suli Serrano-Haynes ’20 (ED)

Ben Armstrong, male with short brown hair wearing suit, in front of a Neag School banner.

Ben Armstrong ’20 (ED)