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Changing Principal Preparation to Help Meet School Needs

May 22, 2020

In this post, Dr. Richard Gonzales, director of the university’s educational leadership preparation programs, describes why the university decided to participate in the initiative, its general approach to the work, and the effects it is seeing so far. Other posts include descriptions of efforts to redesign curricula and internships, students’ and faculty members’ views about the new design, and the ways in which the university works with community partners to ensure it is meeting their needs.

Bluebells in the Time of Coronavirus

May 21, 2020

University of Connecticut psychology professor James C. Kaufman, an expert in creativity research, in a Psychology Today post, sees people sheltering in place exhibiting “an increase in everyday creativity.” Although he lists a hierarchy of creative achievements, from “the family singing a song from ‘Les Miserables’” to publishing a “book about kiwi cultivation,…it is important not to let such a comparison diminish their value.”

Back to the Classroom With Devin Kearns

May 13, 2020

Host Danielle Scorrano invites READ listeners to enter the classroom with Devin Kearns, Ph.D. Kearns, a former teacher, is an expert in educational research and a professor of special education at the University of Connecticut. Kearns shares his expertise about dyslexia, dispels its pervasive myths, and presents research on reading.

ScHOLA2RS House an Academic, Social Success as First Cohort of its Students Graduate

May 13, 2020

“This graduation celebration is fitting because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as this is the way we started ScHOLA2RS House – a lot of uncertainty, some anxiety, fear of the unknown. Yet many of us were courageous to face this uncertainty, as we knew a blessing would come on the other side. That blessing has manifested today, the first ScHOLA2Rs House freshman cohort to graduate,” said Erik Hines, the first faculty director and former Neag School professor.

Karen and Lauren conduct an online meeting.

Alumni, Students Assist in UConn’s Transition to Remote Learning

April 30, 2020

The University had originally planned to conduct remote learning for two weeks following spring break, but growing health concerns led to a fully online transition for the Spring 2020 semester. UConn faculty members, some of whom had never administered remote courses before, had to transition their coursework quickly to align with the new remote teaching style. Neag School alumna Karen Skudlarek ’88 (BUS), ’16 MA and her colleagues at CETL have been instrumental in the process.